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Is The Grand Yazici Club Worth Visiting? - Marmaris Hotel Review

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

poolside at the Grand Yazici Club Marmaris

Marmaris is known for its luxurious resorts and beautiful beaches. This coast of the Mediterranean is dotted with 5-star resorts where holidaymakers can enjoy the sea, food, and the wonderful Turkish culture.

However, among all the hotels and resorts that you can choose from, one has built the reputation of being the absolute most luxurious resort in the whole south west region. The Grand Yazıcı Club is the biggest of Marmaris’ seaside 5-starers, and probably the most luxurious hotel option available.

This review will delve deeper into the prices, rooms, dining, service, and entertainment options at the Grand Yazici to answer the question; Is the Grand Yazici Club worth visiting?


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VIP transfer car from Dalaman Airport

How To Get to the Grand Yazici Club?

Located a 5-minute drive from Marmaris city centre, the Grand Yazici is where Turkey’s top celebrities head over to summer after summer to enjoy the sun. Every year, hundreds of celebrities can be spotted enjoying their time by one of its three huge pools, pumping iron at its state-of-the-art gym, or enjoying the Turkish cuisine in one of its restaurants.

Getting there is probably not going to be a problem at all as the resort offers VIP transfers to its visitors. Whether your fight is landing at Dalaman or Fethiye airports, or you’re out travelling in one of the nearby holiday towns, your dedicated chauffeur will be but a message away. You can also check out sites like Viator to find other means of transportation.

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relaxation area at Marmaris hotel

Still, if you find yourself off the beaten path, getting to the Grand Yazici is going to be easier than going to the corner shop. If you’ve decided to rent a vehicle, you can get back to the resort within five minutes from Marmaris and Icmeler, and about half an hour from most of the nearby holiday towns.

If you’re planning to get a taxi, no need to worry whether they’ll know the hotel’s location because most taxi drivers in Marmaris have already been to the Grand Yazici at least a few hundred times already. And the typical rates are only around £5.


Villa room at the Grand Yazici Club

Grand Yazici Club - Rooms

With a total of 459 rooms, The Grand Yazıcı Club is by no means a small hotel. Room options vary from standard rooms for two to private villas facing the Mediterranean. No matter what room type you choose, each is decked out with the amenities you’d expect from a five-star hotel, including either one or two double beds and a stunning interior design.

Each room has a flat-screen, phone, safe, AC, and a mini bar. In addition, some of the higher-priced rooms like the Villa Rose have hot tubs, exercise equipment, and terraces. Below are all the different rooms available at the Grand Yazıcı Resort:

  • Standard room

  • Bungalow room

  • Family room

  • King Suite

  • Villa Rose - 1

  • Villa Rose - 2

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Marmaris hotel restaurant

Grand Yazıcı Club - Dining Options

The dining options at The Grand Yazıcı Club Resort are top-notch, featuring a variety of food and beverage outlets that cater to all tastes. Whether you’re in the mood for a 40-piece delicious Turkish breakfast, a hearty lunch, or a romantic dinner, you’ll find everything you’re looking for at the resort.

British, Turkish, Indian, and far east cuisines are served here throughout the holiday season. The Grand Yazici brings together some of Turkey’s most famous chefs, with a number of celebrity chefs also making guest appearances.

One concern about dining here, however, is the sheer number of people that’ll be there with you. During most summers, the hotel houses upwards of about a thousand guests, which means that the restaurants may sometimes seem more like food factories than the lush and elegant restaurant that you’d expect.

As the Grand Yazici is an all-inclusive resort, there won’t be any additional charges at its restaurants or bars, unless if there is a special event.


poolside cocktails at the Grand Yazici resort

Grand Yazici Club - Customer Service

The guest experience at the Grand Yazici Club is absolutely one of a kind. You’ll be treated like royalty from your first minute at the resort to your last.

The reception boasts an impressive team of six to ten, depending on the season. The reception personnel are proficient in English and Russian,and will be eager to help you with any custom requests or concerns you may have. And once you’re settled in, they’re as close to you as a phone call.

They also take care to hire the best waiting, cleaning, and security personnel to make sure their guests have nothing to complain about. The waiting and kitchen staff, in particular, are very seasoned and polite. If you have any dietary requirements, do not hesitate to ask as they can accommodate to pretty much what you require.


Sunset at Marmaris hotel beach

Grand Yazici Club - Downsides

The biggest downside to The Grand Yazıcı Club Resort is that it has a large number of rooms, which may not be ideal for those looking for a unique and intimate experience. It’s a he resort spread out over a large area but admittedly, it can still be a bit too crowded, particularly during July and August.

Another large concern for most holidayers looking for a nice hotel is the prices at the Grand Yazici. Being a premier 5-star resort, no one would expect the prices to be reasonable, but the stay rates at the Grand Yazici seem to leave all other luxury resorts in the region in its shadow.


view of the sea from Marmaris hotel

Grand Yazici Club - Is It Worth Visiting?

Overall, the Grand Yazici is the best in Marmaris in its own category. It is more expensive than most other hotels around, but it’s also far better.

The dining, rooms, service, amenities, and even shopping, is absolutely fantastic. It offers a large selection of in-house entertainment and shopping options, and it’s not far to get back to if you decide to explore around.

However, whether all that is worth the price is down to you and what you’re looking for out of you holiday. Some prefer the luxury where others are more excited about the town itself, the food, the people, and of course, the bar street. Regardless, it is highly advisable to check out popular holiday sites like to choose the best option for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

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The Grand Yazici is open throughout the year.

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