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Top 10 Best Boat Tours in Marmaris - Best Day Trips of 2024

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Marmaris daily boat trips

Welcome aboard!

If you're looking for a fun-filled boat trip adventure on the crystal waters of Marmaris, you've come to the right place.

Marmaris is famous for its stunning beaches, crazy nightlife, and, of course, the all the water sports, fun activities, and boat trips available.

Whether you're an adrenaline junkie, a nature lover, or simply looking to kick back and enjoy the sun, there's a boat trip in Marmaris that's perfect for you.

Join us as we sail into the top 10 best boat trips in Marmaris, where you'll find out more about the thrilling pirate adventures, leisurely cruises, and everything in between. So, grab your sunscreen, put on your captain's hat, and let's set sail!


Davy Jones boat trip Marmaris

1. Davy Jones Pirate Boat

Ahoy, matey!

Every holiday town in the bay has a cruise that it’s famous for, and Davy Jones is exactly that for Marmaris. And if you’ve been to Marmaris before, you’ve probably seen the glorious Davy Jones ship docked at the marina or sailing the waters around the bay with its crew of exhilarated families.

If you're in the mood for some swashbuckling fun, then come and enlist in the Davy Jones Pirate Boat. This famous daily boat trip is booked out almost throughout the whole summer season by families looking to score seats for the best boat trip Marmaris has to offer.

Get ready to bring out your inner Jack Sparrow as you soar through the turquoise waters of Marmaris. The Davy Jones Pirate Boat promises a truly immersive experience, complete with pirate-themed activities, treasure hunts, and even a chance to walk the plank! So, grab your eye patch and join the crew for a day of excitement and laughter.


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Blue cruise in Marmaris

2. Blue Cruise

For those seeking a more chillaxing and glamorous boat trip, the famous Blue Cruise is the perfect choice.

This glam boat allows you to explore the fantastic beauty of the Marmaris Bay and Aegean Sea at your own pace. Relax on the sun-soaked deck, take a dip in the waters, and chow down on the delicious onboard meals prepared by the crew.

The Blue Cruise takes you to secluded, lesser known bays, charming fishing villages, and historic sites around the bay, making for a truly unique and relaxing boat trip. Blue Cruise is by far the best boat trip in Marmaris for taking holiday photos!


Booze Cruise Marmaris

3. Booze Cruise

You're young, you're energetic, and maybe you're getting kida bored of the Bar Street, if that's the case, hop on and take the partying to the sea!

So, if you're ready to party and let loose like there's no tomorrow, the Booze Cruise is the ultimate boat trip for you.

This high-energy party trip is a favourite among locals and holidayers looking to have a blast on the water.

Dance to the latest tunes, enjoy unlimited drinks, and make lifelong memories with fellow party-goers in this crazy Mediterranean party boat. The Booze Cruise is the perfect opportunity to party, soak up the sun, and enjoy the good life a bit.


Women partying on Marmaris party boat

4. Night Party Boat

With Marmaris’ crazy night party boats, the fun doesn't stop when the sun goes down.

If you’re interested in a night of dancing, good music, and a fun-filled atmosphere under the starry sky, the Night Party boat is a fantastic choice.

On the night boat, you can sail the bay as the city lights of Marmaris shine in the distance, and let the rhythm guide you through a night of fun and celebration.

Whether you're a night owl or simply looking to go bump in the night, the Night Party Boat will entreat to all your party wishes.


Cleoparta Island Day Tour

5. Cleopatra Island Boat Trip

Moving from partying to Marmaris’ beautiful nature, here’s the Cleopatra Island Boat Trip…

Cleopatra Island is genuinely something different than most islands you find in the Mediterranean. The sands here are said to be imported from Egypt by Marc Anthony as a gift for Cleopatra. Legend has it that the two lovers used to swim in the turquoise waters and walk the ivory-coloured sands of this heaven on earth.

Aside from the boat trip, Cleopatra island itself offers a ton of activities and amenities for holidayers. Here, you can join a game of beach volleyball, go parachuting, try your hand at free diving, or just kick back and enjoy a mojito while sunbathing on your sunbed.

Cleopatra Island really is a one of a kind holiday destination for those coming to enjoy Marmaris’ beautiful nature.

Hey there! Did you know that we have a whole separate guide on Cleoparta Island?

Dalyan Turtle Beach

6. Dalyan Turtle Beach Boat Trip

Dalyan Turtle Beach is another destination loved and adored by both holidayers and locals alike.

Aside from all the partying, the beach is also home to the endangered caretta caretta Loggerhead turtles during their egg-laying season.

With this day trip, you can cruise along the Dalyan River, check out the fascinating rock tombs carved into the cliffs, and spot the endangered Caretta Caretta sea turtles as they make their way to the beach.

And if you’re feeling a bit hungover, the tour’s got you covered. At the end of the day, you can plunge in the Dalyan mud baths to benefit from the healing properties, and relax in the thermal springs.

All in all, the Dalyan Turtle Beach boat trip is perfect for nature lovers and those seeking a relaxing cruise around the bay.


Glass-bottom boat at Marmaris

7. Marmaris Aquarium Cruise

If you’re more interested in observing the rich marine wildlife of Marmaris, the Aquarium cruise is probably the one for you.

The Aquarium Cruise is basically a custom built vessel with a glass-bottom, built for the sole purpose of providing an underwater safari experience.

The trip takes you to some of the nearby water landmarks that are home to hundreds of fish species. It truly makes for a rainbow of colours you can observe lying down on your bed.


Marmaris fishing boat trip

8. Marmaris Fishing Tour

Calling all fishing enthusiasts!

Join the Marmaris Fishing Tour for a day of quality angling. Cast your line into the deep blue sea and try your luck at catching some of the Mediterranean's finest fish.

Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner, the experienced crew will provide you with all the necessary equipment and guidance to help you bring in a top catch.


Marmaris sunset cruise

9. Marmaris Sunset Cruise

If you're looking for a romantic and unforgettable experience, then the Marmaris Sunset Cruise is a great choice for you.

Set sail on this beautiful traditional Turkish gulet tour and watch the sun sink below the horizon, painting the sky in a stunning array of colours. And while there, why not enjoy a delicious onboard dinner and drinks as you take in the breathtaking views?

The Marmaris Sunset Cruise is the perfect way to end a perfect day in Marmaris.


Marmaris all day boat trip

10. Marmaris Full-Day Boat Trip

The Marmaris Full Day Boat Trip takes you to some of the most beautiful spots in the Marmaris Bay, including off the beaten path beaches and charming holiday villages.

On the full day trip, you'll have plenty of time to swim, sunbathe, snorkel, and explore the beautiful underwater life. The Marmaris Full-Day Boat Trip is also a great opportunity to try some of the local cuisine, as a delicious lunch is included in the price.


Wrapping Up: Best Boat Trips in Marmaris

All in all, Marmaris has a boat trip for every kind of holidayer.

From swashbuckling pirate experiences to relaxing glam cruises, there's something for everyone to enjoy here. So, why not come and set sail on the turquoise waters, soak up the sun, and create memories on one of Marmaris' best boat tours?

Whether you're into dancing into the morning hours on a party boat or exploring the ancient ruins of Cleopatra Island, these boat trips will leave you with a sense of wonder and a longing to return to Marmaris for more nautical adventures.

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