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Top 10 Best Restaurants in Marmaris - Tips & Prices for 2024

Updated: Mar 3

Marmaris Restaurants; Which ones are the best?

Looking for a nice place to eat in Marmaris can sometimes be very overwhelming. With an abundance of great restaurants, how are we going to choose which ones to go to? Whether looking to go for a romantic meal or treat the kids to some mouth-watering kebabs, this list will point you towards the very best Marmaris restaurants and eateries.

lahmacun and Turkish pita bread
A glimpse of what delicacies you can find in Marmaris. Here we see 'Lahmacun' and 'pide'.

Marmaris is home to over 300 restaurants, serving everything from traditional Turkish food to Chinese food. Whatever you’re craving, chances are you'll find it here. This list focuses on much more than just dishes, though. To find the best of the best eateries in Marmaris, Armutalan, and Icmeler, we also looked at hospitality, location, prices, and most important of all... Terrace views.

Nothing beats a delicious meal in the evening, enjoying the mesmerizing Marmaris views. So be sure to check out some of these restaurants if you find the time during your stay. What’s more, they are quite reasonably priced. (This doesn’t necessarily mean cheap though. If you’re on a tight budget, check out our Top 10 Best Takeaways in Marmaris list.)


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Photo of Jimmy's Martini's restaurant in Marmaris

1. Jimmy Martini's Restaurant & Steakhouse

Price: Mid-Range (They have a wide selection suitable for all budgets, though)

What to Have: The Steak and Cheeseburger are out of this world.

Jimmy Martini's has been around for longer than we can remember. It is easily the most popular steakhouse in Marmaris and every year serves thousands of both tourists and locals alike. Their menu is ever-evolving and many locals have made it a habit to go there at least a few times every year to check out their new dishes. When considering where to eat in Marmaris, Jimmy Martini's is definitely worth checking out.

The design of the restaurant aims for a casino-like atmosphere. Neon lights hang from the walls and bright lights can be seen pretty much everywhere you look. It looks incredibly inviting, especially in the evenings.

Another reason Jimmy Martini's takes the top spot on our list is their location. It is prime real estate, being located right in the center of Uzunyali. Not only does this mean that it is very convenient to go to, but also means you can have a delicious meal while admiring Marmaris' beautiful landscape.

For more info, check out our full review of Jimmy Martini's, where we delve into hygiene, hospitality, and much more!

Best Marmaris Steak!


burger and chips at Karen Brasserie

Price: Mid-Range

What to Have: Their desserts are fantastic.

Karen Brasserie is the number one choice for those big on desserts and cocktails. But that doesn't mean that their food menu is weak because it is the exact opposite. The Cheeseburger in particular is divinity on a plate!

Their desserts menu is very comprehensive, containing many choices of cheesecake, baklava, magnolia, and cake. So if you're more of a dessert person, Karen Brasserie is the one for you.

They also have a very fun atmosphere, and not for nothing because Karen's has a great cocktail and drinks menu. So Karen serves not only amazing food and drinks but also has a great vibe that those looking to socialize can enjoy. It's certainly a splendid chance to meet some like-minded locals and travelers.

Best Marmaris Desserts!


meat and potato platter

3. Sweet Corner Steakhouse

Price: Mid-to-High Range

What to Have: The Flank is incredibly tender.

Would you just look at that platter!

Sweet Corner is one of Marmaris' premium steakhouses, some even consider it the best. The Flank in particular has been a hit with the locals for over a few years now. It'll certainly be a night fuelled by funky music, charred meat, and fantastic hummus.

They have a very sophisticated menu. For light bites, there are oven-roasted potato slices marinated in local herbs, as well as Sweet Corner’s take on the tortilla chip, which resembles a mix between the traditional tortilla chip and Turkish pita. It may sound a bit hard to imagine, but the taste is perfect. Couple it with some local sauces and dips, like their famous yogurt dip, and you got yourself one of the best appetizers in Marmaris.

They are also profoundly hygienic and abide fully by the Covid-19 Guidelines in Marmaris.

The tables are cleaned very regularly, and complimentary disinfectant and 'kolonya' can also be found nearby.


bacon and beans and eggs food dish

4. Pop In

Price: Mid-to-High Range

What to Have: The Full English Breakfast of course.

Sometimes you can feel very homesick in Marmaris, after all, it's on a whole another continent. But the local British population has found a solution to this problem; Pop In!

Located in Uzunyali, Pop In is one of those restaurants that will make you forget what Weatherspoon is. Their English Breakfast is incredible, and it has so many different options as well. Don't like mushrooms? Swap it out for hash browns. You can dine to your heart's desire in Pop In.

Another big hit on their menu is the fish and chips. The batter is just thick enough to remain light, and stock is sourced daily from local fisheries, the freshness translates to its taste in an awesome way. Their chips are soft, and gold in color, with many choices of condiments as well. A local delicacy indeed, and another reason why Pop In is in the top four of our list.

Uzunyali houses many of Marmaris' best restaurants and takeaways, but by far the best English Breakfast in Uzunyali is served in Pop In.

Best Marmaris Breakfast!


full English breakfast

5. Summer Rain Restaurant

Price: Low-to-Mid Range

What to Have: The Turkish 'serpme' breakfast comprises 42 unique items.

Summer Rain offers a marvelously contemporary interpretation of classic Turkish cuisine alongside street-food specials and English breakfast. It is a great place to try out Turkey's signature breakfast plate; The 'Serpme' Breakfast.

'Serpme' refers to the action of spreading, which is what the servers do as it is the only way to fit 42 plates on a table. It comprises some light elements, such as cucumber, tomatoes, olives, and similar veggies, and also some meats such as salami, pepperoni, Turkish 'sucuk' (Pepperoni with extra spice), and sausages.

Marmaris' Best Restaurant View

The balcony scenery is marvelous and the balcony tables are therefore very sought after. It faces a wide landscape where one can see from the marina all the way to The Grand Yazici Hotel. And their extra care in Covid-19 regulations also contributes to Summer Rain taking fifth place on our list. The balcony seating area is never empty though, so try to book beforehand.


pastry food

6. Ricky's Chippy

Price: Low Range

What to Have: We suggest both the fish and chips and the pies

Here is one to try out when in Armutalan. Ricky's Chippy has been serving its loyal customer base for over five years. They first started out with traditional fish and chips, but now they have added loads of new items to their menu, from pies and pasties to lasagna and bakes.

Their fish and chips recipe is very different from many others in Marmaris. It is a bit heavier than usual but nevertheless seems to be adored by both locals and travelers. Their primary choice of fish is the Mediterranean Cod, which is the most tender fish meat available in the surrounding waters.

Their ingredients are incredibly fresh, being sourced daily from local fisheries. And for those that are particularly fond of fish and chips, they also do custom orders. Ricky's is probably just about the only place in Marmaris where you can find battered Mars bars and such.

While most of the restaurants on our list have prices in the midrange, Ricky's Chippy has much lower prices, which makes it a superb choice for those looking to have some quality British food while saving money for shopping.

Best Marmaris Fish & Chips


Kalimera restaurant dining area

7. Kalimera

Price: Mid Range

What to Have: You can't go wrong with The Grilled Gray Mullet and raki.

Kalimera is a Greek seafood bar along the central Marina. It offers just about everything that comes out of the sea, so those with a fondness for seafood will really enjoy Kalimera. They are open throughout the year, meaning it is also a favorite choice of Marmaris restaurants among the locals. Some of their favorites are Battered Calamari, Sauteed Jumbo Scallops, and, of course, The King Crab.

Their special is the Mullet. It is a grilled dish, seasoned with olive oil, lemon, and local herbs, along with sides of grilled potato slices, green olives, and your choice of mezes. If you are planning on trying the seafood, be sure to pair it with raki, Turkey's own traditionally distilled drink made from anise. It's a good chance to try a new drink and experience the staple drink of Turkish culture.

Kalimera Pub in Marmaris also offers a great chance to have an evening meal facing the marina. It is a mesmerizing sight and presents a serenity rarely found anywhere else. And for the lovers of music from different cultures, Kalimera's playlist may be very intriguing. Unlike almost all other pubs in Marmaris, the music played in Kalimera is much more continental and Greek.

Best Seafood Restaurant in Marmaris!


cozy corner restaurant in Marmaris

8. Cosy Corner

Price: Low Range

What to Have: The Jumbo Meat Platter!

Cosy Corner is on a rather quiet street in between central Marmaris and Armutalan. Their menu is quite comprehensive, composed of dishes from a few cuisines, such as kebabs, pizzas, and roast beef. Their special is the Massive Meat Platter, and yes, it is as glorious as it sounds. For those that just want to eat everything, Cosy Corner is easily the best choice.

Being located a distance away from central Marmaris means all these incredible dishes are much cheaper than their counterparts in the city center. Their Meat Platter comes in at 450 TRY, and can easily feed a family. Other than that, most kebab and pizza menus range between 200 - 300 TRY.

Best Marmaris Pizza!


grilled fish and chips at Infinity restaurant in Marmaris

9. Infinity

Price: Low Range

What to Have: The Lasagna is delicious.

Infinity is a cozy restaurant & bar located in the city center. It has a cult following and visitors are very vocal about the warm and friendly attitude of the staff, who also speak English quite well. It's no wonder then that Infinity is also an excellent location to socialize while enjoying delicious food.

But what separates Infinity Restaurant & Bar from the others is the ability to swim while waiting for your order. Being a seaside restaurant, it is only a few steps away from the sea, which serves as a great activity to pass the time while waiting, and honestly, being able to go for a dip while waiting for your food is a service rarely found in luxury restaurants.


bono restaurant in Marmaris

10. Bono Good Times

Price: High Range

What to Have: Try their Gourmet Pastas

Bono Good Times is one for the lovers. It offers a very romantic view of the Marina in the evenings. This, coupled with the jovial voices of passersby and the sounds of small waves hitting boats, is a wonderfully serene setting that every couple should experience when visiting Marmaris.

The Orecchiette ai Cime di Rapa packs an incredible taste, albeit a bit pricey. The pasta isn't handmade from dough like traditional Orechiette, but the dough used is nicely oriented for light pasta, and coupled with a glass of hot wine, it is sure to deliver one of the most glamorous dining experiences one can find in this part of town.

Best Marmaris Marina Restaurant


Piccadilly Restaurant in Marmaris

Bonus Eatery! - Piccadilly Restaurant

Price: Low Range

What to Have: Any kebab!

Piccadilly Restaurant is a crowd favorite that would normally be ranked higher on this list, but unfortunately, they haven't had the best season so far, stirring up some controversy on social media because of bad service.

Since then, they've been very careful to rebuild their image to retain their usual volume of interest from holidayers.

Their quality of service is questionable this season, but pretty much everything apart from that is top-notch. The kitchen is one of the best in Marmaris, prices are very affordable, and the location is just fantastic.

Piccadilly has a lovely dining area. It resembles most other restaurants in the city centre, but is different in that they've actually taken the time to make it appeal to the sight. Everything from the tables to plant pots are in a specific color palette that makes Piccadilly look beautiful.


seating area in a Marmaris restaurant

Marmaris Michelin Star Restaurants

The Michelin Guide is one of the world's most prestigious and well known restaurant guides. It awards stars to restaurants that offer exceptionally good cuisine. There are currently no Michelin Star restaurants in Marmaris, Turkey. However, there are a number of high-quality restaurants in Marmaris that offer excellent food and service.

The closest Michelin Star restaurants to Marmaris are located in Istanbul. There are currently four Michelin Star restaurants in Istanbul: Mikla, Nicole, Neolokal, and Araka. The Michelin Guide has not yet expanded to other parts of Turkey, but there are a number of restaurants in other cities that are considered to be Michelin Star contenders.


Bonus Tips!

1. Ask Around

When looking for a good place to eat when around in Marmaris, you should consult with locals you encounter along the way or the crew of the hotel or hostel you are staying at. They might be able to recommend some great restaurants that vacationers typically overlook.

2. Do Your Research

See what other holidayers had to say about the food, service, and ambiance at the restaurants you're thinking about visiting by reading reviews they've written. However, keep in mind that not all reviews may be genuine, so take them with a grain of salt.

It's not uncommon in Marmaris to see holidayers fall in love with one restaurant and never visit another one. Likewise, it is also not rare to see first-time visitors complaining about dodgy checks they had to pay, so the word of others is a great tool to utilize when finding the perfect evening meal in Marmaris.


A Gobit kebab in Marmaris

Best Restaurants In Marmaris - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make reservations at these top restaurants in Marmaris, and are reservations necessary?

Making reservations at the top restaurants in Marmaris or Icmeler is not mandatory, but it’ll be a wise decision, especially during the peak of the holiday season. For most restaurants, you can make a reservation by calling the restaurant directly. Most of the biggest establishments will have English-speaking staff to make the reservation process smoother. Some may also offer online booking through their website or third-party platforms.

Reservations are highly recommended, especially for dinner at popular spots or if you're dining with a large group, to make sure you have a guaranteed table upon your arrival.

What are the average price ranges for meals at these top Marmaris restaurants?

The average price range for a meal at one of the top restaurants in Marmaris can vary widely depending on the type of restaurant, its location, and the dishes you choose. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from 200 to 500 Turkish Lira per person for a meal without drinks.

Upscale dining experiences, particularly those with seafood specialties or international cuisines, may cost more. Be sure to check the menu prices online or inquire directly with the restaurant for the most accurate information.

Are there any vegetarian or vegan-friendly options available at these Marmaris restaurants?

Yes, many restaurants in Marmaris accommodate to vegetarian and vegan dietary preferences, with a wide range of dishes that do not include meat or animal products. Turkish cuisine naturally includes an abundance of vegetarian-friendly dishes, such as mezze platters, vegetable stews, and salads.

However, it's always a good idea to inform the restaurant of your dietary restrictions when making a reservation or upon arrival, as they may also be able to accommodate special requests or suggest the best options from their menu.


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