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Top 10 Best Restaurants in Akyaka - Tips & Prices for 2024

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Best Akyaka Restaurants

Akyaka is a gorgeous coastal holiday town in the Mugla Province of Southwest Turkey. It’s mainly known for its natural beauty, off the beaten path atmosphere, and delicious food.

With close to 100 restaurants serving anything from freshly-caught fish to a wide range of kebabs, and all kinds of other Turkish dishes, restaurants in Akyaka are sure to have something to rock your taste buds.

In this guide to the best restaurants in Akyaka, we'll share our top 10 picks from the best of the best Akyaka has to offer. From fresh seafood to traditional Turkish cuisine, we've got you covered!


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Grilled fish at Mosso Restaurant Akyaka

1. Mosso Restaurant

Price Range: Mid/High Range

What To Have: The Seafood Platter

With Mosso, we’re starting off the list with the best seafood in Akyaka. And, seeing as most of the restaurants here are seafood restaurants, that really is saying something.

Located in the centre of Akyaka, this fantastic restaurant has a wide selection of freshly-caught seafood dishes.

But its star attraction is undoubtedly the seafood platter, a delightful medley of oceanic flavours that includes everything from battered calamari to local sea bass.

The restaurant is priced slightly towards the higher end, but the quality of food and service make it worth every penny. Most main courses here are priced at around £7-10.

Address: Sanat Sk. No: 6/1


Donner meat at Osman Aydin restaurant Akyaka

2. Osman Aydin Restaurant

Price Range: Mid Range

What To Have: The Adana Kebab

If you ask the locals where the best kebabs in Akyaka are, most of them will point you towards the Kizilyaka District, where Osman Aydin Restaurant is located.

With over 20 kebab types and all kinds of casual dining options, you really can’t go wrong with Osman Aydin. But out of all the dishes served here, the absolute best has to be the Adana Kebab.

The service here is also top notch. There are more than enough servers so you never have to wait, and they’re very friendly to guests. That, along with the open atmosphere and ample space for the little ones to run around, make this famous kebab house one of the best restaurants Akyaka has to offer.

Address: Kizilyaka District, 35th km.


Kebab at Caglayan restaurant

3. Caglayan Restaurant

Price Range: Mid/High Range

What To Have: The Beyti

Another favourite choice in Akyaka's restaurant scene is the Caglayan Restaurant. Known for its Beyti, a special Turkish kebab wrapped in a tortilla and served with yogurt and tomato sauce, this place is an absolute delight for food lovers.

Here, you can find a variety of kebabs, alongside a wide selection of dishes and fast food choices from different world cuisines. Most main courses here are priced at around £7-10.

So, for holidayers looking for a place that has a wider selection of dishes, Caglayan is a must-visit.

Address: Cetibeli, Marmaris Road 13th km.

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Meat feast pizza at Muco restaurant Akyaka

4. Muco Akyaka

Price Range: Low/Mid Range

What To Have: The Meat Feast Pizza

For those looking for some time off from all the kebabs, Muco Akyaka is the place to go.

Their signature dish, the Meat Feast Pizza, is loaded with half a dozen different meats, making it a perfect choice for meat lovers or groups. Despite being an Italian restaurant in a Turkish town, Muco Akyaka has managed to carve its niche, thanks to its homely ambiance and delicious food.

A typical large pizza here is priced at around £7-8, and aperatifs £3-4. And if the whole team isn’t on board with going for a pizza, don’t worry, they have a good selection of other fast food choices. The double cheeseburger, in particular, is truly glorious.

Muco is a massive favourite among Akyaka’s locals, so it’ll also give you a chance to experience the local culture a bit more.

Address: Nergiz Sk. 24


Coffee and cheesecake at Pablo Cafe Akyaka

5. Pablo Cafe

Price Range: Mid/High Range

What To Have: The Lavender Cheesecake

Pablo Cafe is a boutique café & brasserie that has garnered fame for its artisan dessert options.

The cheesecakes are unlike anything you've tasted before, and go perfectly with the café's approach to food.

With its quirky décor and relaxing ambiance, Pablo Cafe is the perfect spot for a late afternoon snack or post-dinner dessert. And thanks to its low-key and relaxing atmosphere, you’ll get a chance to rest a bit before heading out on your next adventure in Akyaka!

Address: Sefa Sk. no:4


Chicken kebab at Gordo Beach restaurant Akyaka

6. Gordo Beach Ozan Restaurant

Price Range: Mid Range

What To Have: The Iskender

Located right on the beach, Gordo Beach Ozan Restaurant offers a gorgeous view to accompany the food. There’s no better place in Akyaka than Gordo Beach restaurant for a romantic evening meal.

The restaurant’s special is the Iskender Kebab, a traditional Turkish dish made of thinly cut grilled lamb topped with hot tomato sauce, served over pieces of pita bread and generously slathered with melted sheep butter and yogurt.

And the prices aren’t too bad either, with most kebabs at around £7-9. All of these, plus the great service and spot on hygiene, make Gordo Beach a solid option to go for.

Address: Cemalettin Bolgen Sk. No:22

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Shish kebab at Alabi restaurant

7. Alabi Restaurant

Price Range: Mid Range

What To Have: The Shish Kebab

Alabi Restaurant is another one of Akyaka’s traditional Turkish restaurants, or kebab houses.

The most favoured dish here is the Shish Kebab – skewered and grilled cubes of meat seasoned with local herbs and spices.

The restaurant’s traditional ambiance, combined with its mouth-watering food, makes it a good choice for enjoying a nice kebab.

Address: Gumruk Sok No: 14/1


Grilled fish at Iskelem restaurant

8. Iskelem Restaurant

Price Range: High Range

What To Have: Grilled Fish & Raki

If you're looking for a more high-end dining experience, Iskelem Restaurant is the place to be.

Specialising in delicious fresh grilled fish and Raki, a traditional Turkish spirit, Iskelem restaurant promises a relaxing dining experience accompanied by soothing Mediterranean rhythms.

The restaurant's location by the sea adds to its charm and makes it great for a spot of holiday photography.

Address: Ataturk Cd. No: 70


seafood at Halil'in Yeri restaurant Akyaka

9. Halil'in Yeri Restaurant

Price Range: Low/Mid Range

What To Have: The Sea Bream

Halil'in Yeri Restaurant is another laid back seafood restaurant known for its freshly-caught grilled Sea Bream caught right there and then from their own small farm.

The restaurant, despite being relatively small, has a loyal following of locals and tourists who swear by its food. Its affordable prices and delicious offerings make it a hit amongst those seeking a budget-friendly dining experience.

Address: Inisdibi Cd. No:48


Cheese plate at Fresco restaurant & bar Akyaka

10. Fresco Restaurant & Lounge

Price Range: Mid Range

What To Have: The Veal

Fresco restaurant is a very unique high-end restaurant & bar located in the centre of town.

With a very large selection of gourmet dishes from all kinds of different cuisines, this place is sure to provide a different experience than most of the other restaurants here.

Prices here are considerably higher than the other restaurants in this list, but with all the unique dishes and one of a kind luxury ambiance, it’s definitely worth at least a try.

Address: Koyuncu Sk. No:26


Akyaka Restaurants: Frequently-Asked Questions

How far is Akyaka from Marmaris?

Akyaka is approximately 30 kilometres from Marmaris. The journey by car typically takes around 30-40 minutes, and around 50 minutes with the public buses that operate back and forth daily.

How to get to Akyaka, Turkey?

Reaching Akyaka is relatively easy. If you’re travelling by air, the nearest airport is the Dalaman Airport, located approximately 70 kilometres away. From there, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to Akyaka. If you're within Turkey, you can also get to Akyaka by bus or car from major cities like Istanbul and Ankara.

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