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Top 5 Best Bars & Pubs in Marmaris (Updated for 2024)

Updated: Mar 3

woman drinking beer in Marmaris bar

Marmaris' beautiful summer breeze makes for perfect evenings to go out for drinks. Whether wanting to try new and exciting cocktails, or party till the early morning, Marmaris will accommodate to your wishes.

We talked about where you can find the best pubs to match your criteria in our Where To Drink in Marmaris? guide, but we thought it best to do a separate article to give some examples of some of the best pubs you can go to if you don't want to bother with all the research. Below, you will find the absolute best Marmaris bars and pubs to quench your thirst after a long day under the sun.


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the team at Marmaris Talk of The Town bar

1. Talk of The Town

It would be a crime to put any other bar on top of this list because the team at Talk of The Town has taken things to another level when it comes to running a bar. But what separates this bar from all the others in Marmaris is the theater shows! At Talk of The Town, they hold theater shows and drag acts, and countless other plays that everyone in Marmaris absolutely adores.

Seriously, ask anyone out on the street and they'll point you towards it. But their biggest seller is definitely the drag act. It's incredibly fun to attend, no matter who you go with. A team of four usually performs it and you can never guess who they're going to dress up as next.

These guys are so serious about their art that in the off-season, they travel the world to perform and advertise their bar to attract new customers for that year's summer. It is no wonder, then, that their shows are sold out almost the minute they advertise them. So, we strongly encourage you to check them out if planning to holiday in Marmaris this year.

Address: 207 Sokak no 84 Uzunyali.


interior of Santana bar in Marmaris

2. Santana Karaoke Bar

Santana is Marmaris' version of The X Factor, where you, too, may have the chance to impress the crowd with your singing. While it does have certain club aspects, it still maintains a laid-back atmosphere, so you can still enjoy the singing without your ears ringing.

This one's perfect for families. There's nothing better than to pester the children to get on stage. The sound system is pretty good too, so you can hear the songs clearly. The bar also has a gorgeous design and makes for wonderful holiday photos.

But they don't hold karaoke nights every night, so you can go and have a good time even if you don't enjoy singing or hearing other people sing for that matter.

Address: Cildir Mah. Uzunyali Caddesi no:42.


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Karma Cocktail and Dance Bar in Marmaris

3. Karma Cocktail & Dance Bar

Karma is the cocktail king of Marmaris. Their menu is three pages long and two of these are exclusively cocktails. With holiday classics like Mojito and Piño Colada or crazy inventions like their famous 'Turco' cocktail, Karma facilitates the classiest drinking experience in Marmaris.

Karma is also the preferred venue for most hen nights taking place in Marmaris. The staff are very helpful and dedicated to making sure everyone has a good night. You can see this in their reviews, which are very high and full of positive reviews from groups.

Oh, and one more thing. It seems like Karma tweaked their Malibu recipe and out of nowhere many visitors are vocalizing their absolute delight at just how good the cocktail is now. With such excitement, it's definitely worth a shot for the Malibu lovers out there to pop in for a quick sip. It might just be the best cocktail you'll ever have.

Their prices are relatively reasonable. You can expect to purchase most of the classic cocktails for between 120 - 180 TRY, and some of the more extravagant ones for around 225 TRY.

Address: no:31 City Center


outside of Anfield bar in Marmaris with people celebrating

4. Anfield Bar

Anfield bar is home to a cult-following of Liverpool fans that flock here for drinks whenever a match is on. Anfield was the first football-themed bar in Marmaris, and since opening its doors in 2002 has had massive success in bringing together a community of like-minded football fans.

It is located at the intersection of Long Beach and the city center. Even though it resides at a very central location, it has managed to keep prices to a minimum, serving regular beers at around 70 TRY. These prices may be subject to change depending on inflation, but it just shows you how considerate the owners are about their customers, which you can also see if you check their reviews.

Address: Adnan Menderes Caddesi, 205. Sokak


group of friends drinking at a bar

5. Scotia Bar, Icmeler

For those staying in or visiting Icmeler, The Scotia is a great pub to sit down for a refreshing drink. It is well-liked by the locals of Icmeler for its warm atmosphere, friendly staff and, of course, reasonable prices. What's more, it's located right in the middle of Icmeler. If traveling through, be sure to pop in for a beer or two and chat with the regulars.

Their reviews are almost perfect, with many commenting on how helpful and friendly the staff were. They are also one of the few pubs in Marmaris that managed to combat the inflation, still maintaining their rates from last year. You can expect to get a beer here for between 60 - 90 TRY.

Address: no:9 Icmeler.


Crazy Daisy bar Marmaris

Bonus Entry for 2024: Crazy Daisy Bar!

Crazy Daisy Bar is an up and comer in Marmaris' bar scene. They've made big preparations for 2024 and completely redid the interior to feel more in tune with Marmaris' crazy feel.

It is a brief walk from Netsel Marina and the beach, and it opens it doors from 7pm to 4am, seven days a week during the summer months. The bar has a dress code, so you will need to be wearing smart casual attire.

The prices at Crazy Daisy Bar & Nightclub are pretty reasonable compared to some of the other bars in the area. Cocktails start at around €7, and beers start at around €3. The menu features a wide variety of cocktails, beers, wine coolers, and raki. They also have a small food menu if you need something to soak up the alcohol.

Crazy Daisy also has specials going on throughout the week, including happy hour from 6pm to 9pm on Mondays and ladies' night on Wednesdays, with free cocktails for women.


Turkish cocktails in Marmaris

Best Bars In Marmaris - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best bars in Marmaris for live music or entertainment?

For those looking for live performances, Bar Street stands out as the go-to destination, with dozens of bars and clubs that host live bands and famous DJ appearances. Bars like Areena and Atlantis are notorious for their energetic atmosphere and upbeat playlists. These venues also host some of the biggest names in Turkish and international music.

Which Marmaris bars have the best views?

For those yearning for a cocktail with a view, Marmaris does not disappoint. Bono Good Times has an astonishing rooftop view of the marina that makes it an ideal spot for a romantic evening or a relaxed night out with friends.

Meanwhile, Talk of the Town provides a front-row seat to the stunning Mediterranean sunset, with its toes-in-the-sand ambiance and a refreshing sea breeze complementing your drink perfectly. These venues not only serve up a range of delicious cocktails and spirits but also provide a backdrop of crazy natural beauty.

Are there any budget-friendly bars in Marmaris?

Budget-conscious travelers will find solace in the many budget-friendly bars scattered around Marmaris. Anfield Bar is a favorite among both locals and tourists for its affordable prices and friendly atmosphere, offering special deals and happy hour promotions that ensure a great night out without breaking the bank. Additionally, Viking is another hidden treat for those looking to enjoy a couple drinks for nearly free.

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