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Top 10 Best Hotels In Marmaris - Tips & Recommendations for 2024

Updated: Mar 3

Marmaris Hotels; Info, Service, Activities & Availability.

pool and pine trees in Marmaris hotel

Marmaris is home to some of the best hotels in Turkey, and choosing where to stay is probably the most important choice we make when planning a holiday in Marmaris. But it can be overwhelming sometimes to choose one among so many renowned resorts.

We've looked at over 300 hotels in Marmaris and narrowed them down to the very best 10 Marmaris hotels. These hotels, resorts, and apart-hotels are the most renowned, the most preferred, and the most incredible choices of accommodation Marmaris offers.

Looking for more reasonable alternatives? Check out our guide to Apart-Hotels in Marmaris!


Elegance Hotel Marmaris inside dining area

If the king was planning a holiday in Marmaris, chances are she'd be staying at The Elegance Hotel.

Elegance Hotels International is the single most glamorous, luxurious and ultimately the best hotel in Marmaris. If luxury beyond imagination is your thing, then Elegance is the one for you. From a state-of-the-art sauna to a huge open buffet consisting of hundreds of dishes from different cuisines, Elegance Hotels International is sure to have something that will leave you speechless.

What's more, its location is also very convenient for exploring Marmaris, and its beach offers one of the most awe-inspiring views one can find here!

Interior Design

Elegance Hotel is a favorite among business people, and the interior was designed to accommodate formal meetings as well as holiday-goers. The architecture is a very impressive example of Art déco and makes you feel like Donald Trump.

The staff also support this sensation, as the reception is very welcoming with a lot of care shown to satisfy any requests you may have. They speak perfect English, which isn't surprising as most reception staff are native English speakers.

They are also very helpful outside the boundaries of the hotel, so if you ever have a question about Marmaris itself, feel free to ask around. The staff are very knowledgeable.

The main dining area accommodates 250 tables, although this number has decreased as part of the municipality's Covid-19 precautions. A further 40 tables are stationed in the outside dining area, which faces the resort's private beach, which makes for a magnificent view in the evenings. If you decide to stay at The Elegance Hotel, make sure to check out the view. It is truly breathtaking.

Pools & Amenities

The Elegance houses one outside, and one inside pool as well as a children's pool. Amenities include everything needed for business reception, including a banquet room, conference facilities, and meeting rooms.

For holiday-goers, Elegance holds many events such as Turkish dance, karaoke, and club night.

Best Marmaris Hotel

Address: Siteler Mah. 209 Sk. No: 4.


wide shot of Labranda Mares resort

2. Labranda Mares

The Labranda Mares is a huge favorite among regular visitors of Marmaris. Whether for work or pleasure, Labranda Mares offers a variety of activities, coupled with spectacular views and numerous amenities.

There is one main factor that separates Labranda Mares from the other hotels on this list. It is one of the biggest hotels in Marmaris in terms of area. This means that at any time, their visitors can literally spend hours exploring the whole complex, which is praised by the more adventure-seeking visitors.

Interior Design

The Labranda Mares is a very large resort, roughly twice the size of The Grand Yazici. It is very spread out and offers a very breathable atmosphere. It almost seems like a holiday village than a hotel. The private beach is magnificent, so good that it was selected as the best beach in a Marmaris hotel in 2018.

Labranda Mares Beach Hotel beach playground

Pools & Amenities

The Labranda has three pools, being one inside and two outside pools. They have a fully equipped spa, including a steam room, massage room, salt room, and a Turkish bath. Other than that, thanks to its size, it houses an entire shopping center that visitors can have special discounts at, which is very convenient as it enables visitors to make use of Marmaris' great shopping opportunities without having to go into town.


The Labranda is priced at a lower rate than The Grand Yazici, yet the price can seem a bit exorbitant for most visitors. It is also pretty far from the city center. This is also an important point to consider because even though they do have transfers available, these are not available at all hours and it would be beneficial to learn their hours and plan ahead when going to town.

Address: Icmeler Mah. Ataturk Cad. No: 64.


TUI Blue Grand Azur Hotel outside pool area

TUI Blue Grand Azur, formerly known as The Grand Azur Hotel, is a popular tourist resort in central Marmaris. It is a high-end resort favored by many Turkish celebrities as a summer getaway.

It is located in the city center, which makes it a very appealing option for those looking to explore and spend time in the city center.

Interior Design

The resort has a very eclectic design, housing features from both contemporary Turkish as well as mid-century British design. The amenities are distributed very evenly, which means that visitors can spend time exploring the stunning interior design of the hotel while traveling between amenities.

Pools & Amenities

There are three outside, and two inside pools, including a kick-ass poolside bar serving free drinks and gossip. The best of all, though, is the rooftop bar, which oversees the whole outside area. The view here is very nice from both sides, one facing the outside pool area, and the other towards the city center.

TUI Blue Grand Azur is also well known for its incredible evening activities, ranging from Turkish belly dancers to Russian and Irish night, and a club night every week. These are very popular among their customers and turnout is pretty high on these evenings.


A lot of past visitors complain about the food in TUI Blue Grand Azur. This is also supported by the fact that they change kitchen staff very regularly, which may mean that they still need more time to assemble a good team of chefs and waiting personnel.

Address: Cumhuriyet Bulv. No:17.


Club Likya Apartments outside pool and dining area

4. Club Likya Apartments

Club Likya Apartments is a perfect family resort located in Marmaris city center. It is a very sensible choice for those looking to enjoy Marmaris and not spend huge amounts on accommodation. It is a boutique resort with 20 rooms, a reasonably priced bar/lounge, and amenities.

Interior Design

Club Likya has a very modest interior design, with contemporary features that aim for convenience rather than glamour. The outside dining area houses 15 tables, but this number may have decreased due to covid.

It is a collection of apartments that were consolidated and turned into a group of apart-hotels under one name. It serves as a very practical choice of accommodation for those looking to get out there and explore Marmaris for all its beauty.

Pools & Amenities

Club Likya has one outside pool. It is a great hangout spot located next to the very conveniently placed bar/lounge. It serves as a social hub where one can enjoy a drink in the pool for a reasonable price.


Club Likya doesn't have many luxurious features that the other hotels on this list have, such as a turkish bath, massage, and rooftop bar. But most Marmaris visitors are more focused on spending time in Marmaris and use their hotel as a rest stop. If you are planning the same, these drawbacks are nothing when you look at the huge price drop compared to the other choices.

Best Marmaris Apart-Hotel

Address: Merkez Mah. 282. Sokak No 6


Motto Premium Hotel Interior

5. Motto Premium Hotel & Spa

Motto Premium is a solid four-star hotel located in the city center. They offer a good choice of amenities, along with the convenience of being located so close to the other activities Marmaris offers. Overall, it is a reasonably priced hotel that has many of the benefits as some of the more luxurious entries on our list.

Interior Design

As can be seen from its photo, The Motto Premium is designed very luxuriously. Gold is the main theme that paints the image of a bustling business resort, which isn't too far from reality, as it is also a common choice for business people for its great location and design.

It has many seating areas dotted around the resort. These are almost oasis-like in the summers when you desperately need some cool air to recover from the heat. There's nothing better than admiring the beautiful design while sitting and cooling down.

Pools & Amenities

Motto Premium houses one indoor and two outdoor pools, and an incredible open-air bath!

They also have a spa, Turkish bath, poolside bar, solarium, pedicure, and a number of massage packages. These availabilities are really nice, especially when you think about how low the price is compared to some of the other luxury resorts on this list.


Motto Premium has a lot of great features, but most aren't included in the more reasonable packages. The cheaper options are great as well and definitely worth the price, but it would be much better if some of the more luxurious amenities were included in these as well.

Best Marmaris Business Hotel

Address: Kemal Seyfettin Elgin Blv. No: 59


Poseidon Hotel Marmaris

Poseidon Hotel is a beautiful 4-star resort located in Uzunyali in Marmaris city center. It is an adults-only hotel, so it makes a perfect venue for stag parties. It is a well-known resort among both locals and regular visitors, and being located very close to the city center makes The Poseidon a very desirable choice of accommodation for those looking for affordable luxury.

Interior Design

The Poseidon has over 300 rooms and is designed in a way to accommodate the throng of visitors it houses every year. It is very spacious which also adds another layer of protection against covid. The interior itself is designed very practically and with ease of navigation in mind. Having said that, there are many luxurious aspects in its interior design too.

Poseidon Hotel Turkish Bath

Pools & Amenities

The Poseidon houses one very large outdoor, as well as one indoor pool. The activities they offer are a bit different from most other hotels on this list. Being an adult hotel, they have activities and events more calibrated towards partying. Dancers are usually present around the pool, and a kick-ass DJ plays non-stop party remixes.

They also hold regular karaoke nights which that really fun and receive a great turnout. These are a perfect chance to get acquainted with new cultures as you can find people of all nationalities and backgrounds singing songs in their respective languages. Russian tourists, in particular, love the karaoke night and it's a really interesting experience culturally, to listen live to Russia's popular songs.


The major drawback of Poseidon Resort comes with its age policy. It is really one of the best hotels in Marmaris and not being available for families is disappointing to a lot of visitors eager to have a good time here.

Best Marmaris Adult Hotel

Address: Uzunyali Cad. 207 Sk. No:116


Voxx Marmaris Beach Resort outside pool and dining area

Voxx Marmaris Beach Resort is a beautifully designed 5-star hotel located in Hisaronu Village. Those looking for glamour and chic will find it here. Its private beach is also very serene and is especially beautiful during the evenings. It is located a distance away from the noises of the city center, which means that during evening hours, it is incredibly tranquil and romantic.

Interior Design

If Sex and the City were to do a Marmaris special, Voxx would be the hotel they'd do it in. The interior design is as if David Hicks designed it. A color palette of lavender, magenta, pebble, and ivory is reminiscent of the roaring 20s and makes you feel like royalty. The design also makes for incredible photos.

Pools & Amenities

Voxx Beach Resort has one inside and one outside pool. Amenities include a beautiful spa, with a gorgeous built-in hot tub perfect for parties, a fully kitted restaurant and lounge offering a variety of cuisines, and a great cocktail menu.


One major drawback for Voxx Beach Resort is its location. While It does offer tranquility for those on romantic holidays, it also means that you have to travel quite a distance to get to the city center. The resort does offer regular transfers, but the times for these vary and we encourage visitors to learn them if planning to go into town.

Best Tropical Beach Hotel in Marmaris

Address: Limanbasi Sok. No: 26 Hisaronu.


Sunset hotel marmaris

8. Sunset Marmaris

Sunset is truly one for the lovers. It’s known for the endless opportunities that it offers for enjoying the sheer beauty of Marmaris’ sunset in a calm and quaint atmosphere. A favorite among those looking for a honeymoon stay in this beautiful Mediterranean holiday town.

Some amenities include; an indoor and outdoor pool, small spa, lounge, and best of all, one of the best hotel terraces in Marmaris.

Sunset is a relatively low-cost option compared to some of the other bi names like the Grand Yazici or Club Excelsior. It’s truly a stay that you won’t forget if you’re looking for a romantic ambiance.


Casa De Maris Hotel building and outside pool

Casa De Maris is a popular resort for travellers coming into Marmaris. It is located in Armutalan, 3km from Marmaris City Center, and offers reasonable prices as well as many luxuries to relax and kick back.

Interior Design

The design is very simplistic and showcases white and baby blue colors that create a very relaxing sensation. The layout is also very simple and easy to navigate.

Pools & Amenities

Casa De Maris has a large outdoor pool, with a children's pool in adjacent. In the evenings, activities such as karaoke night, dance night, and theater plays take place in the pool area and provide lots of laughs and entertainment for visitors.

Visitors also comment on how great the breakfast buffet is. Their kitchen staff are very creative and bring out novel dishes on a daily basis. Visitors wait in anticipation for the next morning to see which delicious dishes are going to be served.


While Armutalan itself is a very active center, those looking to spend a lot of time in central Marmaris may have to travel back and forth a lot.

Address: Armutalan Mah. 100. Sk No: 2.


Grand Yazici Club Hotel Marmaris

The Grand Yazici Club in Icmeler is Marmaris' number two choice of accommodation among high-rollers. It is one of the most elegant resorts in the area, housing a multitude of diplomats, business people, politicians, and celebrities every year. Known for its perfect serenity and elegance, The Grand Yazici Club is a great choice for those that want a glamorous hotel experience.

Interior Design

The Grand Yazici combines aspects of contemporary Turkish interior architecture with The Vintage Parisian style. The Furniture is upholstered with beautiful velvet in teal, aquamarine, and ruby colors and embroidered in gold and silver.

The Grand Yazici Club outside dining area

Pools & Amenities

The Grand Yazici has four pools. An interior pool, an outside adult's pool, an outside children's pool, and a large main pool outside as well. In terms of amenities, they have pretty much everything you can think of. From the Turkish bath to DJ services, Turban Hotel has countless features for its guests to enjoy.


The Grand Yazici Hotel is one of the best hotels in Marmaris, but it does have certain drawbacks. For one, it is incredibly expensive and most people would consider the price too exorbitant.

They are also rather sedentary and don't offer many activities. Normally, for a hotel priced as high as The Grand Yazici, one would expect every kind of entertainment to be provided within it, but they are rather weak in that area. Nevertheless, it's still probably the one of the only hotels in Marmaris where one may bump into the richest people on earth.

Address: Sirinyer Mah. Siteler Mevki Armutalan Mah. 101 Sokak Nr. 3, Icmeler.


Jan De Wit Hotel in Marmaris

Bonus! - Jan De Wit Design Hotel

Two kilometers away from Marmaris Castle sits Jan De Wit Design Hotel. It is nestled around some of the best bars and restaurants in the Siteler District and is only two blocks from the nearest beach.

The building itself is designed elegantly. The interior, especially, is very promising, with a beautifully furnished reception and dining area. The many terraces and balconies have stunning views that make for great photos of the Siteler area.

Jan De Wit is a solid 3-star resort that you should definitely take a look at if you’re conscious of your budget for accommodation during your stay in Marmaris.

Interior Design

The dining area is quite large, with over 60 tables, 10 of these being on the terraces. The terrace dining area overlooks Long Beach. The view is a bit blocked by the beachside restaurants and bars, but the view from the terraces in the evening is absolutely mesmerizing.

The design is simplistic, with a lot of black and white contrasts and tones of gray. Jan De Wit’s interior design will be up your alley if you’re more interested in contemporary architecture rather than the flood of gold you see in most other hotels in the city.

Pools & Amenities

Jan De Wit rocks one indoor and two outdoor pools. The main pool is Olympic sized and the other two are quite large as well. Other than that, facilities and amenities include:

  • Poolside Bar

  • Lounge

  • Meeting Area

  • Private Beach

  • Daily Entertainment

  • Transfers

  • Business Centre

  • Buffet Breakfast

Address: Merkez Siteler Mah. 238.Sokak No:3


Marmaris Hotels - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best hotels in Marmaris?

The Grand Yazici Resort, Labranda Mares, and Casa De Maris are some of the best hotels Marmaris offers.

How far are the hotels in Marmaris from the beach?

The majority of hotels in Marmaris are located along the Uzunyali district, which spans a length of 4 kilometers and boasts a sea-facing view. You can expect to find a beach just a stone's throw away from most hotels in the city center, with distances ranging from 100 to 200 meters.

What is the best way to book a hotel room in Marmaris?

Sites like and Expedia are generally regarded as the most secure and simple ways to book rooms.

What are the check-in and check-out times for hotels in Marmaris?

Check-in times are generally in the afternoon, around 2:00 pm or 3:00 pm, while check-out time is in the morning, around 11:00 am or 12:00 pm.

Do Marmaris hotels have free Wi-Fi?

Yes, most hotels in Marmaris do offer free Wi-Fi. Complimentary Wi-Fi is a standard amenity in many hotels, but it's always a good idea to check with the hotel directly.

Are there any hotels in Marmaris that allow pets?

Yes, most of the larger resorts along the bay are pet-friendly. But it's best to check with your hotel beforehand in case of policy changes.

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