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Our Ultimate Insider Guide!

Imagine a booklet that tells you everything you need to know to save money and time while on holiday. 

​We’ve all had that experience where you wish you discovered that one pub, restaurant or store when you first arrived so you could spend more time there. But now you must wait for your next holiday to go back.

But why limit yourself? With our insider guide, you can get access to tons of information not readily available that’ll skyrocket your holiday experience.

Topics covered in the guide:

  • Best & Cheapest shops

  • Who to reach out to for a specific model or brand

  • What & Where to avoid when going to eat (some of the restaurants in the city center are very unhygienic)

  • How to have food delivered to your hotel

  • Which hotel booking sites offer the cheapest rates

  • Hotels & Apart-hotels to avoid

  • Finding the best local guides

  • How to meet new people (You’ll be surprised!)

  • Advice for public transportation

  • Best websites for booking excursions

  • How to avoid identity theft

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