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Crazy Kebab Shop, Marmaris - Restaurant Review

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Marmaris crazy kebab shop kebab dish

Why Crazy Kebab Shop, Marmaris?

There are a number of kebab shops and takeaways in Marmaris, but Crazy Kebab Shop, Marmaris is definitely the best in terms of fast food deliciousness. Their prices are very reasonable, they provide a quick service and treat their customers like family.

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Crazy Kebab is a very good takeaway to try the signature dishes of Turkish cuisine. The Adana Kebab, Doner Kebab, and Shish Kebab are incredibly tasty. They marinate the meat in a mixture of herbs, cherry tomato paste, garlic, curry powder, and a number of other spices.

Their dishes are preservative free and made with fresh ingredients sourced locally. This definitely adds to the taste and texture. Their most favoured dish, The Doner Kebab, is priced at 125 TRY.

Some dishes to definitely try out at Crazy Kebab House, Marmaris:

- Chef's Special Doner Kebab

- Char-grilled Adana Kebab

- Seasoned Chicken Kebab

- Extra Cheese Margherita Pizza

- Pulled Chicken Pizza


A team of four runs Crazy Kebab Shop. Their customers are very vocal about how friendly and warm the staff treated them and this is evident in their reviews, too. Almost half of the reviews include comments on the staff!

The owner especially is very well liked among regulars and personal friends with a lot of past customers.


Crazy Kebab Shop has fewer tables than its counterparts, so seating options are limited. But this also has its advantages. Those particularly cautious about Covid can appreciate the extra space Crazy Kebab Shop provides.

Other than that, all tables, equipment, and other furniture are sanitized very regularly. The municipality has also audited and given them a pretty good grade.


Crazy Kebab serves great food but has very limited seating which could pose a problem for groups and families wanting to spend time in a pleasant restaurant and eat. It's designed more like a typical takeaway, so if you're looking to sit and rest facing the beach, or enjoy a meal accompanied by boisterous karaoke, then one of the amazing options in our best restaurants in Marmaris list may be more suitable.

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