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Is Jimmy Martini's Good? A Full Review (2022)

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Jimmy's Martini's restaurant logo

What Makes Jimmy Martini's So Good?

As the gold medallist in our Top 10 Restaurants in Marmaris list, Jimmy Martini's is the one restaurant all visitors coming to Marmaris should definitely be checking out. In our Top 10 list, we touched upon some of the things Jimmy's does best, and in this review, we'll be taking a closer look at what makes this restaurant the very best in Marmaris.

burger and chips at Jimmy's Martini's restaurant


Jimmy Martini's has a very diverse menu. They specialize in Traditional Turkish cuisine but also offer a great choice of British and oriental cuisine too. They're not fussy at all and very practical in adding new items and cuisines to their menu. It's a great anticipation for both us and Marmaris' locals and regulars to see their new menu at the beginning of each season.

Our recommended dish is the Cheeseburger. It is presented very elegantly, with chips, salad, sweet chili sauce, and their homemade garlic sauce. They marinate the meat beforehand for that extra chewiness, and their bread is incredibly fresh, being delivered twice daily. Keep in mind that their staff members are in general pretty fluent in English, so don't hesitate to ask about possible allergens or other preferences.


You can tell making the customers happy is their key priority as their Facebook page is full of positive remarks from regular customers. The staff are very interactional and love to socialize and converse with visitors. They refrain from going overboard though so you can enjoy your meal however you please.

Having been open for business since 1996, they are very fluent in both English and Russian and love nothing more than helping their customers have a good time. It's no wonder, then, that they are a favorite among both locals and travelers.


We can think of nothing more disappointing than getting sick on holiday, but fret not!

The team at Jimmy Martini's is very particular about the health and safety of their customers and goes out of their way to ensure that their customers can enjoy their dishes and the friendly atmosphere without worrying about Covid. Tables are cleaned and disinfected very regularly and relatively distanced from one another, and complimentary disinfectant is available on every table, as well as lemon cologne.


Jimmy Martini's is an all-around great of Marmaris eateries, but the one aspect where they receive criticism is their hours. Normally, most large food and entertainment spots in Marmaris stay open till the early morning. However, Jimmy Martini's has a habit of closing at around 2 am. Not a huge problem for most, of course, but if you are planning to go as a large group or for a stag party, you might want to plan your time well.


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