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Where to Go Drinking in Marmaris? - Marmaris Bar and Pub Guide

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

beer served in Marmaris bar

Marmaris is famous for its many drinking and partying opportunities. Whether looking to have a couple of drinks facing the marina or go partying, Marmaris has a ton of bars, pubs, and clubs that will suit your entertainment needs.

It is home to over two hundred locations, serving anything from ginger beer to pure absinthe. Visitors can expect to find absolutely everything related to alcohol here in Marmaris.

But it can be hard to choose where to drink among so many great establishments. In this article, we've examined the drinking scene in Marmaris and singled out some of the best locations to help you have fun and make the most of your holiday.


alcoholic shots served at a Marmaris bar

Where to Drink in Marmaris City Center?

The city center houses many of the most famous bars, pubs, and clubs in Marmaris. Every year, thousands of visitors pass through these areas looking for the best places to drink, and compared to the drinking scene in other holiday towns, Marmaris holds its own pretty well.

Bar X in Marmaris' bar street

Bar Street

Where else right? Marmaris's bar street is notorious for housing the biggest bands and parties in Marmaris. During the summer, you can find a number of live bands or DJ performances going on pretty much every night.

The bar street is loud, dynamic, and packed full of crazy bars and clubs. It is a favorite among locals and returning travelers looking to let loose and have fun. The bar street operates till the morning, and apart from bars and clubs, also has several tattoo parlors and takeaways.

Depending on the bar, you can expect to enjoy a beer here for around 35-55 TRY.


aerial view of Uzunyali Long Beach in Marmaris

Uzunyali - Long Beach

In the city center, Uzunyali, or Long Beach section, houses many large bars. These are great for families and those looking to have a relaxing drink. Most of these locations are originally restaurants, but also have very diverse alcohol menus.

If you'd rather have an enjoyable meal and a couple of drinks next to the beach, Uzunyali is the location for you.

Some of the best bars in the Long Beach area are Talk of The Town, Anfield bar, Captain's Bar, Malibu Beach, and Nelly's Pub.


Tiki Beach bar and bistro in Marmaris Icmeler
Tiki Beach in Icmeler is a must-see!

Where to Drink in Icmeler?

Icmeler is also a very popular destination for holidayers coming to Marmaris. It is more oriented towards families and couples compared to the bars in the city center. There is also much more open space in Icmeler, meaning that you can enjoy a meal and drinks in relative calm.

Icmeler is a perfect choice for families and couples thanks to its calm atmosphere. It makes for an amazing evening to drink in one of the beachside bars and listen to the waves hitting the shore. Another reason for choosing Icmeler over the city center is definitely the prices. You can expect to have a drink for around 20-30 TRY less than the bar street.

Some of the most popular bars in Icmeler are Tiki Beach, Scotia Bar, Ace Bar, and Champion Bar.


Havana bar in Armutalan

Where to Drink in Armutalan?

Armutalan houses a large number of hotels and bars that provide reasonably priced services. But that doesn't mean bars in Armutalan are sub-par because a lot of Marmaris's top bars are located here.

It is very close to the city center, meaning you can go back and forth without having to jump on a bus. This is especially convenient for large groups or families looking to save money without going all the way to Icmeler.

Some of the best bars in Armutalan are New York Bar, Dr. Jhivago Jazz Bar, Usher's Bar, and Celtic Park.


confetti party in a Marmaris club

What About Clubs?

Marmaris's club atmosphere is absolutely mental!

During the summers, there are foam parties, neon parties, raves, and special dance nights held nightly. It is a perfect atmosphere for all party lovers looking to let loose and have a good time.

Be sure to check reviews and research when choosing a club. Most hotels in Marmaris are affiliated with certain bars and clubs and they will direct you to these, but these bars are usually sub-par and offer little in terms of fun. If you're not sure where to go, you can head to the bar street to see if you like any of the clubs. Chances are the bar street will have a club for you.

The Bar Street definitely has the lion's share of clubs in Marmaris. These include the notorious Roxy's Show Club, Club Areena, Buddha Club, and High-End Club.

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