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Best Apart-Hotels in Marmaris - Which Ones to Choose? (2024)

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

outdoor pool and palm trees at a Marmaris apart-hotel

Choosing where to stay in Marmaris can be a hassle. Not knowing where to look for the most reasonable holiday offers may cause you to pay much more than you would normally have.

If you're looking for reasonably priced accommodation in Marmaris, you'll be delighted to know that Marmaris has over 100 apart-hotels that provide a luxury stay and don't hurt your wallet too much.


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apartment complex in Marmaris

What Are Apart-Hotels?

The concept of 'apart-hotel' may be confusing if hearing of it for the first time, but they do wonders for travelers coming to Marmaris that want to spend little on accommodation to save money for shopping and having fun.

So, what exactly are apart-hotels?

Apart-hotels are, as the name suggests, apartment complexes that have been serviced and turned into hotels. These first began opening up in Marmaris in the 90s when tourism boomed and demand for reasonably priced accommodation increased as a result.

They generally have up to 40 rooms. Depending on the apart-hotel, facilities may be shared or private. Most apart-hotels also have many of the amenities that hotels offer, such as bars, dining areas, pools, spas, activities, and transfer services.

In Marmaris, apart-hotels are generally located in the centers of Marmaris, Icmeler, or Armutalan.

Did you know: Some apart-hotels in Marmaris are so favored by returning visitors that they are almost impossible to book during entire seasons!


bathroom of an apart-hotel in Marmaris showing a bathtub

What Advantages Are There Of Booking An Apart-hotel?

The price is by far the biggest advantage when booking an apart-hotel. In general, you can expect to book a decent apart-hotel for 20% the price you'd pay for a 4-5-star hotel. It's no wonder they're so popular in Marmaris. After all, what makes Marmaris so good is the exploring!

Another impressive aspect of apart-hotels is their central locations. In Marmaris, most apart-hotels are located mere steps from the city center, which makes them very practical compared to the bigger hotels, where you may need to organize a transfer to get to town.

Lastly, we really must add the quality of service. It is no wonder that 'Turkish hospitality' is well known around the globe. You might not experience this hospitality to the fullest in one of the larger hotels because of the haste caused by the sheer number of visitors they receive.

Apart-hotels, on the other hand, are smaller businesses, which means the proprietors have more time to help and accommodate the wishes of visitors. They are, in general, extremely nice and helpful, and love to chat with travelers.


Where To Look For The Best Prices?


Icmeler houses the most economical apart-hotels in Marmaris. The added distance is a large factor in reducing the prices. However, Icmeler itself is a bustling center with many opportunities for going to the beach, shopping, and dining.

The average rate for a room in an Icmeler apart-hotel is around £25 per night. This average rate is from 2024 and may be subject to increases, but in any case, you can expect to find accommodation in Icmeler for less than £40 per night.


Armutalan apart-hotels are packed full every year! It's no wonder why, because their prices are very reasonable, while also being very close to Marmaris city center. These apart-hotels are very well known and most visitors book a while beforehand, so be sure to plan ahead to get the best deals!

The average rate for Armutalan apart-hotels is in the range of £25 - £30 per night. For those looking for a vibrant environment that's also close to the city center, Armutalan may be the choice for you.


a canal running through Marmaris with boats on either side

Things To Watch Out For When Choosing An Apart-hotel

Research Beforehand

When choosing which apart-hotel to stay in, be sure to do your research and book ahead. As mentioned above, apart-hotels in Marmaris are very popular and are full to the brim during the summer season. So, to book the best apart-hotels in Marmaris, try to book your rooms a couple of months ahead.

Know What Is Important To You

There are so many great apart-hotels in Marmaris that it can be a bit overwhelming to pick one out. If you're having trouble picking the best hotel, you might wanna narrow down the choices according to your preferences. For example, if you want to save time from walking, you can focus your search on those in Marmaris' city center.

Check The Reviews

You should 100% have a look at the reviews for the apart-hotel you are planning to book. It can be very problematic to book an apart-hotel and find out that the proprietors don't speak English, or be greeted with services much different from what you expected.

Compare Prices From Different Websites

Prices for hotel rooms vary greatly depending on the website, so be sure to check a few different ones and compare the prices for your intended dates. This may be a bit of a hassle, but you can save up to 30% - 40% with this method. Besides, who wouldn't want to stay a couple more nights for the same price, right?


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