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Shopping In Akyaka - All You Need to Know (2024)

Updated: Jan 17

a wide shot photo of Akyaka

Akyaka is a small town located on the western coast of Turkey. It is a popular destination for holidayers for its beautiful beaches, turquoise waters, and charming atmosphere. If you are planning a trip to Akyaka and looking to come back with an extra suitcase, there are several shopping options available to you.


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Ottoman lamp shop in Akyaka

1. The Local Market

One of the most popular places to go shopping in Akyaka is the local market. The market is held every Wednesday and is a great place to buy fresh produce, spices, and other local products. You can also find a wide variety of clothing, jewelry, and handicrafts at the market.

Another option for shopping in Akyaka is to visit the local boutiques and shops. There are a number of small stores in the town center that sell clothing, accessories, and souvenirs. You can also find artisanal products such as ceramics, pottery, and textiles.


leather goods workshop in Akyaka

2. Visit the Workshops

For the lovers of traditional Turkish handicrafts, you can visit one of the local artisan workshops. These workshops produce a variety of items, including carpets, ceramics, and leather goods. The products here are all handcrafted by some of the most skilled artisans in Turkey. You can even watch them at work and learn about the traditional techniques used to create these products.


3. To the Mall!

If you are looking for more modern and international brands, there are several shopping malls in the surrounding area. These malls have a wide range of stores, including clothing, electronics, and home goods. They are a good option if you are looking for something specific that you might not be able to find in the local boutiques and stores.


A beach in Akyaka

4. Don't Forget to Grab Your Beach Gear

Akyaka is also known for its beautiful beaches, so you may want to consider buying some beach gear while you are there. There are several stores that sell swimsuits, towels, and other beach essentials.

When shopping in Akyaka, be sure to keep in mind the local customs and traditions. It is customary to bargain when shopping at the market or in small stores, so be prepared to negotiate prices. It is not hard to have prices go down to a fraction of the initial cost if you can manage to catch the shop owners around closing hours or toward the off season.


In Summary

Overall, Akyaka is a great place to go shopping, with a wide variety of options available. Whether you are looking for traditional Turkish products or more modern brands, you are sure to find something to suit your taste and budget.

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