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Karen Brasserie, Marmaris - Restaurant Review (2024)

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Karen Brasserie Cheesecake

Karen Brasserie is a well-established eatery in the Marmaris city center. They've been open for a few years now and are always on the lookout for new dessert and cocktail recipes and ideas. They treat it like a science. Every season you can find a number of new, and incredibly delicious dishes from cheesecake to mini chocolate fountains.

The only excuse for not wanting to go straight from the airport to Karen Brasserie is if you're on a diet, or if you're staying at somewhere like The Grand Yazici.

Karen Brasserie cocktails


Karen's has three menus, one for meals, cocktails, and a whole separate menu for desserts. Their prices for main courses are in the midrange, varying between 90 TRY - 170 TRY. Some of their recommendations are The Ribs, Adana Kebab, and Cheeseburger, with all coming in at below 160 TRY.

Their cocktails are a bit pricey, but not too expensive that you'll bother looking around, and a good thing that is, because their cocktails are absolutely fantastic. They have cocktails in every color and cocktail glasses in all shapes. Makes for fun parties and great holiday photos. Prices vary but except for the most extravagant ones, you can get a nice cocktail here for around 120 TRY.


Karen Brasserie has between 8-12 staff members at all times during most seasons. The owners are very very careful with speed and don't hesitate to hire extra staff to ensure that they prepare and bring the orders out in a timely manner.

This may not seem all that important, but Marmaris restaurants are usually packed to the limit during summers, so waiting times can be much longer, depending on the restaurant. This, though, isn't an issue in Karen's and you can expect your orders to be prepared within 10-15 mins.

hygiene graphic with mask and soap and disinfectant


The folks at Karen's know that covid can ruin the best of holidays, so they are very careful about taking precautions against it. This isn't normally an issue with most Marmaris establishments because the local municipality conducts regular audits of businesses and takes extra measures to ensure that Marmaris is safe for everyone to enjoy.

It is still really nice to see that they care about the health of their customers, though. You can visit Karen Brasserie with ease of mind, knowing that you are safe against Covid.


Karen Brasserie is surely a must-go location in Marmaris, but there's one catch that a lot of regular customers complain about, and that is spacing and a lack of tables.

It's understandable that they take some tables out in precaution against Covid but their number of tables simply isn't enough to accommodate their customer base. This is important because you might have to wait up to an hour just for a table at Karen's, not a good thing to experience on holiday.

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