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Marmaris Top 10 Best Cafes & Brasseries (Updated for 2024)

Updated: Jan 17

two cups of coffee at a Pukka Cafe in Marmaris

Marmaris is home to over 100 cafes and brasseries. In the summer, most of these are packed to the brim during the daytime. They serve as rest stops and traveler's respites for visitors looking to rest while waiting for the noon sun to pass.

Anyone who has been to Marmaris can agree that there is nothing better to do to escape the heat than finding shelter in a cafe and sitting down with a beer or a coffee in your hand, enjoying the air conditioner.

Lucky for us Marmaris lovers, there are some lovely cafes in the city. From sports cafes where you can catch up with the latest games while resting, to hookah bars where you can taste a glimpse of Ottoman Culture. The latter in particular is a must-try for those looking to explore the culture and not worried about getting hookah'd on it!

Having said that, there are also some expensive, bland, and badly run cafes in Marmaris, and ending up at one of these while looking for a place to rest can be a bit frustrating. After all, who would wanna wait forty-five minutes for their orders to arrive, right? But don't fret, because we at Marmaris Traveller collated a list of the absolute best Marmaris cafes and brasseries that you must check out in 2023!

Breakfast served at Pukka cafe Marmaris

Pukka Cafe & Bar Marmaris takes the top spot on our list! And not for nothing, too, because Pukka is truly a fantastic cafe and eatery with some of the best custom dishes and atmosphere in Marmaris. Whether looking to try new cocktails, taste some delicious desserts, or just shelter from the heat, Pukka's got you covered!

Menu & Staff

Pukka Cafe's menu is quite comprehensive and can be a bit hard to navigate, but luckily, they've separated their main menu into three categories, so you don't have to scour the whole menu to find what you're looking for.

They serve a huge variety of food and drinks. While foreign cuisines are a bit limited, most Turkish and fast food dishes are included in the menu. Their dessert menu is well designed as well, consisting of everything from baklava to macaroons. And lastly, the drinks section is very pleasing too, featuring numerous artisan cocktails as well as all the big brand drinks.

The team over at Pukka work like ants to make sure everyone is served on time, but that doesn't mean it's hard to get help or advice when required. If you have a question about the establishment or Marmaris in general, don't hesitate to ask. They're very friendly and helpful.

Best Marmaris Cafe!


Fredonia cafe Marmaris logo

As the name implies, Fredonia is one for the coffee lovers. It is located in Netsel Marina and is one of the lushest roasteries in Marmaris. Being so close to the promenade, and rocking its signature contemporary design, Fredonia attracts a lot of business people, and, well, whoever else has a boat docked in the marina.

If looking to get away from the noise of the city center and relax while waiting for the sun to go down, Fredonia will serve as a brilliant rest stop.

Menu & Staff

Fredonia Coffee serves a much narrower niche, so its menu is nowhere near the size of Pukka's. But that doesn't mean that it's a weak menu, far from that, in fact. They have a selection of fast food dishes and an impressive dessert menu consisting mainly of continental desserts like their famous Pavlova.

Like we mentioned before, where Fredonia really takes the stage is with coffee. As you can imagine, they grind the beans in-house and have coffee choices from pretty much everywhere that coffee plants grow.

It is a much smaller establishment and supports between 4-8 staff members most seasons. The baristas are very skilled and fluent in English, so if you have any difficult questions about a specific beverage or a custom request, they'll be able to help you out.

Marmaris Best Roastery!

Address: Barbaros Caddesi No.1. Netsel Marina.


custom made wedding cake at Kibris Patisserie Marmaris

Kibris Patisserie has been around for longer than most of us have. They're a family-run bakery and patisserie, and your number one pick for custom-made cakes. They're a favorite among the locals of Marmaris, which is clear when you look at how busy they are, even in the winter!

They're almost like a cake factory, providing a great service for those looking for artistic wedding, birthday, and party cakes. But that's not all that they serve, of course. Kibris Patisserie keeps a regular stock of common Turkish pastries and also has a pleasantly surprising sandwich selection.

Menu & Staff

Kibris Patisserie has a smaller menu compared to most of the other cafes on our list. But if you're looking for a cake or similar desserts, you'll find the biggest selection here. They also have a separate prep area for allergies and intolerances.

As a family-run establishment, Kibris Patisserie has a very welcoming atmosphere. The owners are very pleasant people and get on very well with both the locals and visitors. Their roots in Marmaris go a long way back, so they probably know more about Marmaris than most other people. So, if you're planning to enjoy the dishes at Kibris Patisserie, why not take the chance to get some insider info?

Best Cakes in Marmaris!


Kahve Dunyasi Marmaris

We know, we know, Kahve Dunyasi is a massive coffee franchise, but it's genuinely good though!

Normally we avoid including franchises in our lists but the Kahve Dunyasi in Marmaris is just too good not to recommend. For one, the location is absolutely perfect, literally 100m away from the entrance of Netsel Marina and Bar Street. It has quite a large seating area, both on the inside and outside, and what's more, it faces the exact point where Marmaris' canal joins with the sea.

Menu & Staff

Do you like ice cream? So do we! And we believe the owner of Kahve Dunyasi does too because there are almost a hundred different flavurs served here!

Other than ice cream and coffee, Kahve Dunyasi also has a huge selection of sweets and chocolates. A lot of these are exclusive to the brand and so only available here, so be sure to try out a few of them.

Part-time baristas from the nearby Mugla University are usually behind the till at Kahve Dunyasi. They're always very friendly and dynamic, and some of them are English language students, so they speak English pretty well. It's a great chance to socialize and learn more about the party scene in Marmaris because no one knows it better than these guys!


coffee and cheesecake at Anatolia bar Marmaris

Anatolia Bar & Cafe is a popular rest stop for tourists looking to get away from the heat. Its location is very easy to find. It is adjacent to Netsel Marina's entrance in Kemeralti District, so if you're looking to sit down and enjoy a coffee or a beer while exploring the marina, Anatolia Cafe will be a perfect choice.

Anatolia is a cafe-bar hybrid that works pretty well. The atmosphere is quite calm and low-key, which means you don't have to worry about boisterous people, and can enjoy your beverage, and the incredible view with peace of mind.

Menu & Staff

Anatolia Cafe's menu accommodates most typical cravings. While they have little in terms of world cuisine, if it's a juicy burger or chewy kebab, Anatolia's got you covered.

With beverages, they have a much wider selection. Non-alcoholic beverages include a number of different coffee types, juices, detox drinks, and pop. And in alcoholic beverages, they have all of the standard drinks in Turkey, plus a pretty decent cocktail menu.

Anatolia Bar's kitchen staff stays the same most seasons, which is a good thing as they do a great job. The serving staff changes a lot, though, so you might not get the best service in terms of communication. Their reviews are very high though, so we can say that Anatolia Bar is a big favorite among visitors.


Cafe Anne Icmeler outside sitting area

Cafe Anne is one of the best cafes in Marmaris and by far the best in Icmeler. If you're staying in Icmeler, be sure to check it out. It is located bang in the center of Icmeler. The design is very refreshing, consisting of quite a large outdoor seating area facing the beach, and a breezy indoor seating area that students use to study during the off-season.

Menu & Staff

Cafe Anne is a perfect example of a Marmaris bistro. They serve popular fast food dishes, as well as specials like their famous grilled chicken kebab with mezze. Another huge plus is their prices. While a cheeseburger and pop might cost around 110 TRY in the city center, you can get the same for 75 TRY here.

Cafe Anne is packed full throughout most of the summer months, so you might not have a chance to chat with the serving staff all the time, but they do their best to make sure everyone's having a good time and won't hesitate to give special attention should you require any.

Best Cafe in Icmeler!


Hookah pipe at Cafe Kale Marmaris

Time to bring out the hookahs!

Cafe Kale is Marmaris' most popular hookah cafe. It is located in the Tepe district, very close to the Marmaris castle, so the location is very convenient for those touring the city center. During summers, you can find it full of people relaxing and enjoying the breeze.

Menu & Staff

Cafe Kale is mainly a hookah cafe, so its menu is quite limited. But they still have the most common beverages and some fast food items. The hookah menu, on the other hand, is quite comprehensive. They have upwards of 50 flavors, ranging from Turkish delight to bubblegum.

Setting up a hookah is difficult even for Turkish people, but you don't have to worry about that, because the staff takes care of the technical side of it. If you want to experience Turkish culture more, and don't mind the tobacco intake, Cafe Kale will be a fun experience and provide some funny holiday photos.


DR. Gelato Cafe Marmaris

Dr. Gelato is another must-try for ice cream lovers. It's a cute little cafe between the city center and Armutalan. It's been around for a few years and continues to provide chilly goodies to passersby on their way to Armutalan.

Menu & Staff

Dr. Gelato offers many European desserts alongside their choices of gelato. They specialize in cheesecakes, macaroons, eclairs and so on, so if you are craving more familiar desserts, you can find some of the best in Marmaris here.

It is run by a team of two. There are only four tables altogether, so you won't have to wait long for your orders. While not everyone may prefer to go out of their way to try this gelateria, if you're walking to Armutalan and come across it, be sure to pop in for a nice gelato.

Address: Mustafa Muglali Caddesi No: 45.


Adana kebab served at Star Bux cafe in Armutalan

Star Bux is a perfect choice of cafe and restaurant for those staying in or visiting Armutalan. It is located right in the center and offers some mouth-watering dishes as well as a pretty decent beverage selection. In the evenings it's more of a restaurant than a cafe, but during daytime, most customers prefer to enjoy the cooling refreshments.

Menu & Staff

Star Bux' menu is pretty impressive, boasting a range of specials alongside more common dishes. In terms of beverages, they have quite a few coffee choices as well as smoothies and other cold drinks. All in all, it is a solid option for the tired visitor in Armutalan.

The staff is a huge plus for Star Bux. They have a huge cult following in Armutalan thanks to the incredibly hospitable service provided by the staff. Their social media profiles are full of photos with regulars. It is very nice to see them go out of their way to make sure everyone's having a good time.

Best Cafe in Armutalan!

Address: Sehit Ahmet Benler Cad. No:44 Z01 Armutalan.


Baris cafe Marmaris

Baris cafe is a perfect choice of respite when exploring the city center. It is located in the marina and has a gorgeous view of the sea. Their menu includes numerous bistro dishes, coffee, desserts, and alcoholic drinks.

They've been in business for a long time and have amassed a large group of regulars. It is also frequented by the locals a lot as the prices are very reasonable considering how good its location is. Normally a beer costs around 90 TRY in most marina bars, but as of March 2023, you can get one at Baris Cafe for 70 TRY.

Menu & Staff

Baris Cafe has a very chilled-out atmosphere. It covers a large area and has comfy two-people seats rather than chairs so you can lie-down and rest with a cool beer in hand.

They sometimes face staff shortages so sometimes it may be hard to get the servers' attention because of how busy they are, but usually service is pretty satisfactory.

Address: Tepe mahallesi barbaros caddesi No:73.


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