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Piccadilly Restaurant & Bar, Marmaris - Is It Worth Going? (2024)

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

There are over 300 restaurants in Marmaris serving incredible food from a huge variety of cuisines, but while you're here, it might be a bit difficult to find and choose the best ones.

To point you in the right direction, we've taken a look at some of the most popular restaurants in Marmaris, and Piccadilly is definitely one of those!

Piccadily restaurant and bar Marmaris cocktail poster

Piccadilly is a bustling eatery in the center of town. They've been open since 1999, and not for nothing! Piccadilly offers exquisite dining, incredibly convenient transport, nightly entertainment, and even a huge play area for children!


Marmaris Piccadilly restaurant menu


Piccadilly's menu is pretty easy to navigate. They specialize mainly in Turkish cuisine, but also have a wide selection of popular fast food dishes like pizzas and burgers. Most of these, you can order with your eyes closed, all ingredients are sourced from local producers and incredibly fresh. Their chef is also considered to be the best in Marmaris by many locals and returning customers.

They also have very rich breakfast options. The gorgeous British and Scottish breakfasts are favorites among customers. This is evident when going past Piccadilly in the morning, as it's one of the few restaurants that are packed full even in the daytime! And at £4.90, it's a must-try for all holidayers.

The prices in the image are their current prices, updated in April 2022. There have been price increases almost everywhere in Marmaris, but Piccadilly seems to have it under control. Main dishes are priced at around £5, which is indeed reasonable when you think about their prime location and some of the more outrageous prices popping up around Marmaris.


steak dish served at Piccadilly restaurant in Maramris

Staff & Hygiene

Piccadilly is a big, big restaurant, and at any given time, you can probably find a couple dozen waiting staff buzzing around. While this makes it hard to find time to chat with the staff during peak times, it guarantees that your order will be brought out on time.

But if you ever visit Piccadilly during the daytime, when it's calmer, absolutely take the time to chat and get to know more about Piccadilly itself and Marmaris as a whole. They tend to hire locals for the most part, so the staff are very knowledgeable and can give you tips on the best activities and where to go for the best prices, etc.

The owners also deserve some credit. They are incredibly nice and treat you like family. They are very busy most of the time trying to catch up with the tasks of the day, but when they have time, they always go around chatting with customers and providing help if needed. It's really pleasant to see them go out of their way to make their customers happy, and this is another reason why they're one of the best restaurants in Marmaris!

Marmaris sea and mountain view

Because of the pandemic, hygiene is a serious worry among visitors this year, and rightly so. While the doctors in Marmaris are delightful people, most of us would prefer to avoid visiting them during our time here. Luckily, most establishments in Marmaris are exceptionally cautious when it comes to health and hygiene. And Piccadilly is certainly one of those.

As we mentioned in our Is Marmaris Safe? article, all restaurants have been thoroughly adapted to reduce the risk of Covid-19. The number of tables in Piccadilly has been reduced from 70 to 40 to leave more room between tables, and they have also been decked out with an assortment of disinfectants and lemon 'kolonya'.

For those visiting for the first time, 'kolonya' is basically a Turkish-style disinfectant with an extra zesty fragrance. Seriously, one whiff of this, and you'll feel as if in a verdant lemon orchard in this stunning Mediterranean town.


vip transfer to marmaris

Free Restaurant Transfers!

How great is that!

Piccadilly restaurant & bar is the only restaurant in Marmaris that picks you up from your hotel and takes you back once you're done and all for free!

This is especially useful if you're having trouble navigating around Marmaris. After all, it's a totally new town and sometimes it may be difficult to get from A to B, not with Piccadilly though!

This service is completely free, however, you do need to get in touch with them beforehand. This is very easy and the folks over at Piccadilly restaurant are highly responsive.

To book a transfer, head over to their Facebook page here.


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