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Dalyan Turtle Beach, Turkey - All You Need To Know (2024)

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Turtle Beach Dalyan
"The hatchlings emerge from their nests at night, and make their way to the ocean by following the light of the moon. Once they reach the ocean, they swim away to start their lives."

Hidden between the popular holiday destinations of Fethiye and Marmaris, in the Mugla Province of Turkey, lies the natural wonder that is Dalyan Turtle Beach.

Famous for the unmatched beauty of its natural landscapes and rich biodiversity, the area has become an increasingly popular destination for holidayers seeking a unique, off-the-beaten-track experience.

In this comprehensive guide, we explore all the things that make Dalyan Turtle Beach a must-visit spot for any holidayer visiting the Dalyan region. Read on for directions, activities, prices, and more at Turtle Beach Dalyan!


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How To Get to Dalyan Turtle Beach

Dalyan Turtle Beach's location in the southwestern Mediterranean coast of Turkey makes it easily accessible from various nearby towns and cities. Here are some convenient ways to reach Turtle Beach from some of the nearby holiday towns:

From Marmaris

Located approximately 85 kilometres from Dalyan, Marmaris has several transportation options to reach Turtle Beach. These include local bus services, taxis, and car hire services.

Regular bus routes to Dalyan can be found setting off from the Tepe District of Marmaris. Alternatively, if you’re planning to book a tour, then your package will almost always include transfer to and from Turtle Beach.

From Bodrum

Holidayers from Bodrum might have a tougher time getting to Turtle Beach. The distance between the two destinations is roughly 180 kilometres and can be covered by road via D400 and D330 highways.

If you’re planning to book a day trip, it might be a good idea to pick one that leaves earlier in the morning to be able to enjoy to the full all the things Turtle Beach has to offer.

From Fethiye

Getting to Turtle Beach from Fethiye is rather easy as it’s situated only about an hour from Turtle Beach. You’ll have a breeze getting to and from regardless of whether you’re planning to go with a rental car or a tour bus.

Wondering where to stay in Turkey? Check out our Top 10 Best Hotels in Marmaris!

Turtle Beach Dalyan

Going Swimming at Turtle Beach

The crystal-clear waters of Dalyan Turtle Beach provides a once in a lifetime swimming experience. The water is not only clear but also home to a hugely diverse range of aquatic life.

We all love diving down and seeing schools of fish here and there, but Turtle Beach is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The waters below are a rainbow of hundreds of different exotic fish and other aquatic species.

Visitors often spot various species of fish such as sea bream, sea bass, mullet, and turtles among others, making it a fantastic spot for snorkelling.


Loggerhead turtle at Turtle Beach Turkey

Witnessing the Loggerhead Turtles

One of the key highlights of a visit to Dalyan Turtle Beach is the chance to witness the fascinating life cycle of the Loggerhead Caretta Caretta turtles.

This endangered species has chosen Turtle Beach as a nesting ground. These wonderful creatures lay their eggs in the soft sand around May, and about 55-60 days later, the little ones emerge.

The Turkish government and international conservation organizations closely monitor and protect these nesting grounds, ensuring the survival of these ancient creatures that have existed for over 45 million years.

Baby Loggerhead turtles at Dalyan

Some Interesting Facts

The Caretta Caretta Loggerhead turtles are one of the most fascinating turtle species in the world. Here are some interesting facts about these creatures you’ll find at Dalyan Turtle Beach:

  • Loggerheads can hold their breath for up to 5 hours.

  • They can travel up to 10,000 miles in a single year.

  • They are known to mate with multiple partners.

  • Loggerhead females lay clutches of 100-120 eggs at a time.

  • Loggerhead hatchlings are only about 2 inches long when they emerge from their nests.


Dalyan mud baths

Dalyan Mud Baths

While here, why not treat yourself and get a nice health boost at the mud baths and hot springs at Dalyan?

The famous therapeutic mud baths are located on the banks of the Dalyan River. Rich in minerals like magnesium and sulphur, these mud baths are thought to improve skin health and provide numerous other health benefits. After a relaxing mud bath, visitors can take a dip at the hot water springs for a rejuvenating swim.

It truly makes for a great way to wrap up your trip to Dalyan Turtle Beach.


Ancient city of Kaunos

The Ancient City of Kaunos

While in Dalyan, a trip to the ancient trading town of Kaunos is a must. Reachable by a short boat ride across the river, Kaunos offers a glimpse into the rich history and impressive architecture of the Lycian civilisation.

Kaunos is located on a hillside overlooking the Dalyan River. The ruins of the city are spread out over a wide area, and they include several very impressive structures, carved from stone almost three thousand years ago.

One of the most notable structures is the Acropolis, which is located at the highest point in the city. The Acropolis was once home to a number of temples and other religious structures, but today, the only thing remaining of these is parts of their foundations.


Going to Dalyan Turtle Beach

Booking Your Adventure to Dalyan Turtle Beach

For visitors interested in exploring Dalyan Turtle Beach, a wide range of day tours are available both online and from nearby towns. The daily tours almost always have there-and-back transfers, guided visits to attractions such as the mud baths and ancient city of Kaunos, and plenty of free time to relax and enjoy the beach while enjoying a nice afternoon meal.

For the best prices, it might be a good idea to book beforehand and through reputable excursion vendors. Most of these are located on the main streets of each holiday destination and offer good prices.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to bother going to each one, you can go ahead and book through a trusted online vendor. Viator by Tripadvisor has a good range of tours for reasonable prices.


Dalyan river restaurant

Essential Tips and Packing List for Your Visit

To make the most of your visit to Dalyan Turtle Beach, we recommend packing the following essentials:

  • Swimwear and beach towels

  • Sunscreen and a sun hat

  • Comfortable footwear for exploring the ancient city

  • A camera to capture the stunning landscapes

  • Snorkeling gear to explore the underwater world

Dalyan has lots of activities and places that are popular among holidayers, so it might be a good idea to pack some extra funds in case you want to try out some of the other stuff while you’re there. The famous Dalyan River Restaurant is, for example, a great place to check out during your visit.


Dalyan Turtle Beach, Turkey - Frequently Asked Questions

Can you see turtles in Dalyan?

Yes. Dalyan’s Turtle Beach is home to the endangered Loggerhead Caretta Caretta turtles, and the beach is one of their primary nesting grounds. The best time to see these amazing creatures is during the nesting season from May to October.

Where can I see sea turtles in Turkey?

Dalyan Turtle Beach is one of the best places in Turkey to see sea turtles. The best time to see the caretta caretta turtles is during the nesting season from May to October. The beach is a conservation area, protected by the Turkish government and international organizations.

Are there turtles on Turtle Beach Turkey?

Yes, Turtle Beach in Dalyan, Turkey is named for the Loggerhead Caretta Caretta turtles that nest there. These wonderful creatures can be found nesting here between the months of May and October.

Can you swim in Dalyan?

Yes, you can swim in the waters around Dalyan. The beach is clean and the water is clear, making it perfect for a refreshing dip.

What kind of turtles are in Dalyan?

The main species of turtle in Dalyan is the Loggerhead Caretta Caretta.

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