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Incekum Beach, Alanya - All You Need To Know Before You Visit

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Sundown at Incekum Beach
Did you know? Incekum Beach is known for its unique white sand made up of tiny quartz crystals

Incekum Beach is a massively popular summer destination on the Turkish coast located near the city of Alanya. Every year, it welcomes close to a hundred thousand guests eager to enjoy the fantastic swimming and partying opportunities.

And, with its golden sands, crystal waters, and beautiful nature, it's no wonder that Incekum Beach has become a popular destination among holidayers coming to Turkey.

In this guide, we’ve brought together information on how to get there, what to do and which activities to try out, the opportunities for partying, and more at Incekum Beach Turkey!


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People swimming at Incekum Beach, Alanya

What’s Incekum Beach Like?

Incekum Beach is known for its unique soft and golden sands that stretch for miles along the coastline.

As you walk along the shore, you'll feel the warm sand between your toes and hear the gentle lapping of the waves. The beach offers a tranquil escape from the bustling city, allowing visitors to unwind and soak in the natural beauty of their surroundings.

Unless you’re there during peak season that is! If so, you’ll be hearing tons of party music, kids running around, and people playing beach ball and all kinds of other beach sports and activities.

Children playing on a trampoline at Incekum Beach

The sea at Incekum Beach is perfect for a spot of swimming and snorkelling. The waters are calm, shallow enough that you don’t feel like you’re jumping into a ditch, and have fantastic marine wildlife to observe.

So, if you’re planning to go to Incekum Beach for the swimming, why not grab your snorkelling gear and dive into the refreshing sea and observe the underwater world teeming with marine life.

The beach is also known for its cleanliness and safety, making it an ideal spot for families with children.

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Birdeye view of the Alanya shoreline

How To Get to Incekum Beach

If you're heading to Incekum Beach from Alanya, you’ve got a ton of transportation options to utilize.

You can easily reach the beach by car or public transportation. Hop on one of the buses run by the municipality that go back and forth every half an hour.

You can find these buses in central Alanya’s Kizlar Pinari district. If you’re near one of the bigger hotels, you can also catch one of the minibuses that have the “Incekum” sign in front of them as well.

Or, if you’re planning to book a tour to Incekum, chances are that your tour will have private transfers to and from your hotel to the beach. These are usually preferred more by holidayers as they save you from a lot of hassle at a relatively low price.

Viator’s a good choice for booking excursions if you’re looking for a lower-cost and safe booking option. Or, you can go ahead and check out one of the excursion stalls on the main street while you’re there.


Rental boat at Incekum Beach

Activities & Prices at Incekum Beach

Incekum’s a public beach so you don’t have to worry about any entry fees. You will, however, have to pay for sunbeds as these are privately run and come at around £2 per sunbed.

There are more than enough sunbeds at the beach, so even if you’re coming a bit later on in the day, you won’t have any trouble finding empty ones. You can lie down and order yourself a mojito knowing that you haven’t had to pay more than a couple bucks for this experience so far.

When it comes to activities, Incekum Beach is a hotspot for water sports enthusiasts, with activities such as jet skiing, paddleboarding, and banana boat rides. At any time during the day, you can see all kinds of activities running simultaneously here.

At Incekum Beach, the fun doesn't stop when the sun goes down. The beach comes alive with beach parties and live music events that will keep you entertained into the night.

Dance under the stars, sip on cocktails, and create unforgettable memories with friends and loved ones. The world’s your oyster!


Incekum beach resort

Staying at Incekum Beach Resort

For those looking to extend their stay, the Incekum Beach Resort is a great choice of accommodation at the beach.

From dreamy beachfront villas to practical seaside bungalows, there's something at the resort for everyone.

At Incekum Beach Resort, you can check out the world-class amenities, including swimming pools, spa facilities, and, of course, the incredible dining options ranging from all kinds of kebabs to a dozen cuisines from around the world.


Incekum Beach: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Incekum Beach good?

Yes! Incekum Beach is a hugely popular holiday destination that offers fantastic swimming and a vibrant atmosphere. Whether you're looking to relax or try out one of the water sports and activities, Incekum Beach has it all.

Is there an entry fee at Incekum Beach?

No, there is no entry fee at Incekum Beach. As it’s a public beach, visitors are free to enjoy the beach and its amenities without any additional charges.

What's there to do at Incekum Beach?

There is plenty to do at Incekum Beach. You can swim in the clear waters, sunbathe, join one of the beach sports matches like volleyball, try exciting water sports activities, enjoy beachside cafes and restaurants, and even experience the crazy beach parties with live music.

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