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Massive Wildfire Hits Marmaris – Will The Fires Be Quelled?

marmaris forest fires

In July 2021, hundreds of acres of forest land around Marmaris were ravaged by a series of devastating forest fires. The fires took a heavy toll on the wildlife population in Marmaris’ surrounding forest landscape. It was only with the help of neighboring countries like Greece and Azerbaijan that the fires were eventually quelled.

Since then, the federal government has announced several additional measures to prevent similar cases of wildfires from happening again in the following summer seasons. But still, many locals and holidayers alike have since been wondering in concern whether this kind of calamity would strike Marmaris again this year.

Unfortunately, at around 8 pm yesterday (21st of July), wildfires have broken out once again in three different locations in Marmaris’ Börtübet region.

marmaris wildfire response

As a result of the wind, the wildfires have now spread to different areas of Marmaris’ nearby forest areas, bringing death and destruction to countless flora and fauna in their wake. It is now certain that the fires have now spread much beyond the Börtübet region, with an estimated 300-400 hectares of forest burned down since yesterday evening.

Disaster and Emergency Management (AFAD) announced that 1393 personnel, with 592 of these being from The General Directorate of Forestry are on-site and responding to contain the fires to a certain radius to prevent the remaining forest areas from being affected. It has also been announced by the federal government that 338 vehicles and 35 pieces of construction equipment have also been deployed as part of the response.

The Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Vahit Kirişci reported in his statement that the fires were caused by sabotage and were largely under control. But as of now, there seems to be a great deal of controversy being brought about by the locals of Marmaris in response to these statements.

There have been no announcements so far on the death toll.

marmaris mayor responging to forest fires

According to the private DHA news agency, about 30 nearby residences were evacuated as a precaution.

Mehmet Oktay, the mayor of Marmaris, stated in a video message late on Tuesday that "the situation does not look good due to the winds."

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