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Marmaris Set To Receive Record Heats This Summer

Marmaris beach during heatwave

Large portions of Turkey, in particular regions facing the Mediterranean, are being affected by sweltering heat from what seems to be the beginnings of a particularly grueling heatwave.

Following regular daily temperature peaks of over 30°C, Marmaris is undoubtedly among the cities at the crosshairs of climate change.

While still uncertain, current data hints at the possibility of a new provincial heat record this summer. This has led to the concern among many regular visitors that a scorching heatwave in the Mediterranean, like the one received in 2021 could lead to further ignition of forest fires, which has already taken its toll on the forest areas around Marmaris.

The forest fires ravaged many Mediterranean regions on Turkey’s southwestern coast. The fires, culminating in a total of 196, were in part traced back to the government’s neglect of the area and were quelled with great difficulty, resulting in Turkey receiving aid from nearby countries in a beautiful show of friendship.

Marmaris forest fires

The news is worrisome for many holidayers planning a trip to the popular Mediterranean resort, especially in the aftermath of the series of devastating forest fires that ravaged a significant portion of Marmaris’ surrounding woodland areas. The forest fires took a considerable toll on both the wildlife and the town’s population.

However, on a brighter note, in the aftermath of the forest fires, the municipality seems to have exerted great effort to prevent similar catastrophes from taking place again.

Some of the new measures set in place to prevent and quell forest fires are new monitoring equipment being established in many potential fire zones, an increase in the number of forest rangers and rural police in the area, and the addition of several new fire helicopters on standby to extinguish fires before they become a problem.

But Marmaris is not the only region where similar spikes in temperatures are anticipated for the summer of 2022.

As a matter of fact, most regions in Europe near the Mediterranean are showing similar patterns of an unusual increase in temperature as a result of what seems to be a very vivid example of the sheer amount of detriment climate change may cause in areas that have always been famous for temperate climates.

Whatever direction the heat wave turns towards, it is clear that Marmaris will not be having a great summer in terms of weather.


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