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Visiting Marmaris Castle - All You Need To Know for 2024

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

View of the sea from Marmaris Castle
Did you know? Marmaris Castle was the only building in the city that survived the 1957 earthquake.

Marmaris Castle is a captivating historical landmark located at the very centre of Marmaris, Turkey. This ancient castle, flaunting a rich past and stunning Ottoman architecture, is a very popular attraction for history buffs and holidayers from all over the globe.

Located at the highest point in Marmaris Old Town, Marmaris Castle offers fantastic views of the town and the vast Mediterranean Sea.

So, why don’t we set off on a journey through time and explore the fascinating history, ancient remains, and practical details that make Marmaris Castle & Museum such a popular destination for holidayers.


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Birdseye view of Marmaris

Getting to Marmaris Castle

There are several options you can take to reach Marmaris Castle.

If you're staying in Marmaris or Icmeler, you can easily walk to the castle, as it is centrally located. The scenic walk will take you through charming streets and provide a glimpse into the local culture.

For those preferring public transport, buses in the town can ferry you to Marmaris center. You can’t miss the castle from there. Just head over to the old town district near bar street, and follow the really steep-looking hill, and voila!

You’re standing at the entrance of an ancient Mediterranean castle! Doesn’t sound too bad, right?


Windows of Marmaris Castle

The Fascinating History of Marmaris Castle

Marmaris Castle has a captivating history that goes back centuries. It is believed to have been constructed around 1044 BC by the Ionians, who were descendants of the Greek hero Ion.

Over the years, the castle changed hands a few times, falling under the rule of the Dorians, Alexander the Great, and the Romans. The Ottoman Empire took control in 1425 AD, and it was during the reign of Suleyman the Magnificent that the castle underwent significant renovations and received its current name, Marmaris.

The castle has witnessed numerous historical events, including getting shot at by an angry French ship during World War I. Today, it stands as a testament to the region's rich past and offers visitors a glimpse into its fascinating history.

It’s truly fascinating to think that this monument has been around way before any of the bars, hotels, houses, and all the other things that make Marmaris the place that it is.


ancient religious scripture at Marmaris Castle

Inside The Castle & Museum

Once you enter Marmaris Castle, you'll find yourself completely surrounded by the rich history of the town. The castle itself is an architectural marvel, with big stone walls, lookout towers, and hidden terraces that offer breathtaking views of the harbor and the surrounding area.

In the castle, you'll come across seven indoor sections, each offering a unique glimpse into the past. Two of these sections are dedicated to the archeological remnants, showcasing artifacts from the Hellenistic, Byzantine, and Roman eras.

The ethnography section focuses more on Ottoman history, with displays of weapons, furniture, traditional clothes, and other miscellaneous items. The remaining sections are galleries and storage areas, preserving the castle's rich heritage.

The artifacts are thoughtfully displayed and accompanied by informative boards in English and Turkish, providing a deeper understanding of the region's history.


Interior of Marmaris Castle

Tickets, Opening Hours, and Nearby Activities

To enter Marmaris Castle and Museum, you'll need to purchase a ticket, which costs 40 TRY.

The castle is open year-round, allowing visitors to explore its wonders regardless of the season. During the summer months, the opening hours are from 08:30 to 19:00, while in winter, the castle closes at 17:00.

After checking out the fascinating history of the castle, you can take a break at one of the nearby cafes or gastro-pubs. Enjoying a cup of Turkish tea or coffee while admiring the gorgeous views is the perfect way to conclude your visit to Marmaris Castle.

Don't know which cafe is the best? We've got a whole piece on it! Head over to our "Top 10 Best Cafes in Marmaris!"

Historical artifact at Marmaris Castle

Booking a Tour to Marmaris Castle

If you’d prefer to visit Marmaris Castle with a guide or bundle up the visit with a couple other popular activities in Marmaris, you can check out one of the well known excursion vendors online.

Viator is very popular among holidayers coming to Marmaris as they have more options for activities (and a pretty decent Marmaris tour). Alternatively, you can just head over to one of the excursion stalls at Uzunyali if you’d rather not bother with paying online.


Marmaris city sculpture

Exploring the Old Town of Marmaris

Right next to Marmaris Castle is the vibrant and charming Old Town of Marmaris. This atmospheric area is a trove of narrow streets, old buildings, and boutique shops where you can find unique and handmade souvenirs.

Many holidayers love to take strolls through the cobblestone streets, soak in the authentic Turkish atmosphere, and discover hidden gems here. Marmaris Old Town offers a delightful blend of traditional Turkish culture and modern utilities, making it a perfect spot to unwind and see the local way of life as it really is.


Drawing of ancient Marmaris

Wrapping Up: Marmaris Castle & Museum

From the ancient walls to the captivating artifacts, every corner of Marmaris Castle tells a story. As you explore the castle and take in the views, you'll be transported to a different time where you’ll find yourself in the fascinating history of Marmaris.

So, don't miss the opportunity to visit this magnificent castle and museum during your stay in Marmaris. It's an experience that will leave you with lasting memories and a deeper appreciation for the region's cultural legacy.


Marmaris Castle: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions holidayers often ask about Marmaris Castle:

Can I take photos inside the Marmaris Castle?

Yes, you're welcome to capture the beautiful views and architectural details of the castle. Just remember to avoid photographing the artifacts in the museum as it is strictly forbidden.

Is there an entrance fee to Marmaris Castle?

Yes, there is an entry fee of 40 TRY to access the castle and museum. The fee is a small price to pay for the rich history and breathtaking views you'll experience. There are also special discounts at most vendors for children, seniors, and larger groups.

What are the opening hours of Marmaris Castle?

Marmaris Castle is open every day of the week. During the summer season, the opening hours are from 08:30 to 19:00. In the winter, the castle closes at 17:00. It's best to book ahead as it can get very busy during the summer season.


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